My Daughter Is My Trainer

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I know you’re looking at that picture and thinking, “Damn girl! You’re so fit and active-looking! Like some kind of fitness model!” And it’s true, I have been taking care of myself lately. Now that my daughter is two years old, I decided it was time to lose the baby weight. I tried going to the gym for a while but I found the exercise equipment to be basic and boring. I needed a lifestyle overhaul. So, I turned to one of the most active and energetic people I know – my daughter Annabel.

Annie sized me up and developed a five-step plan for me to get healthy. You all can follow her advice and whip your bodies into shape, too!

  • Cardio Is Key 1 of 5
    Cardio Is Key
    Running on a treadmill is SO last year. Annabel put on the latest Kidz Bop album, and the two of us danced until I was covered in sweat and gasping for breath. My heart was pounding!
  • Interval Training 2 of 5
    Interval Training
    After getting my heart rate up, Annabel brought me outside to ride a few dozen miles on her tricycle. She jogs ahead of me and calls back at me to keep up. She's hardcore.
  • Changing Up The Workout 3 of 5
    Changing Up The Workout
    Annabel says the key to a successful workout is muscle confusion. I have no idea what that means, but she was barking orders at me like a tiny Jillian Michaels, so I got in that obstacle course and started crawling. My biceps felt the burn!
  • Stay Hydrated 4 of 5
    Stay Hydrated
    Drinking lots of water not only helps curb food cravings, but it speeds up recovery time post-work out. Annabel demands I drink 12 sippy cups (eight glasses) of water each day.
  • Portion Control 5 of 5
    Portion Control
    Often I will eat until I'm full, then pick at the remaining food in front of me until I am over-stuffed. Annabel's preferred method for portion control is eating until she's full, then throwing a tantrum to ensure her extra food is removed from the eating area, preventing her from eating too much. I have to say, this works very well!

My trainer may look adorable, but she’s brutal.
my trainer

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