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donald-duck-and-erin-loechnerLast week, I traveled to Disneyland to celebrate the worldwide premiere of the official Disney Side campaign. It’s a side that lives in us all, but one that we all too often squelch in lieu of big, grown-up words like responsibilities and commitments and deadlines. It’s the one that chooses ice cream over veggies, rain puddles over clean socks and pillow fights over early bedtimes. And it’s one that I didn’t even realize I had until I stepped through the gates of Disneyland last week.

I’ve always been the voice of reason – for myself, my family and my circle of friends. Need something done? Ask Erin. Need a shoulder to cry on? Erin’s there. Want to take a spontaneous drive to the ocean to dip your toes in the water? Erin is not your girl.

I’m not what one would call spontaneous. I’m a planner and a thinker and a doer and sometimes a dreamer, but only when that dream is safe and good and organized – and even then, rarely do I allow those visions to bear fruit. It’s the curse of productivity, one that arrives wrapped in self-discipline and furrowed brows, working and working and working until that inner voice quiets to a whisper.

Still, last week, I began curating images that reflected my Disney Side to contribute to the premiere, representing Pinterest as a social media all-star. And somewhere between hitting Publish and downing milk and cookies at the Grand Californian Hotel, my Disney Side emerged wearing a Dumbo hat and a handful of popcorn. I park-hopped and parade-danced and Bee-chased until, four days later, I had completely forgotten that I was ever the responsible, dependable, committed one. Because in her place, there was a girl who looked a whole lot like someone who wouldn’t mind dipping her toes into the ocean at a moment’s notice.

Of course, back home, the non-Disney Side is rearing her head as I play catch-up from my travels. There are deadlines and photo shoots and articles due, sandwiched between family responsibilities and commitments and a bajillion loads of dirty laundry.

But this morning, as I threw on my boots to tackle the day? I swear I felt a grain of sand between my toes. Turns out that once your Disney Side is unlocked, it has a funny way of sticking around forever.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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