My Favorite 70s TV Shows

I guess I’m suffering from a major bout of nostalgia lately. Ever feel that way?  I’m tearing up to old 70’s songs and thinking about all my favorite 70s TV shows.  Maybe it’s because I look at my 8 year-old daughter, Elby, and I can vividly recall myself between the ages of maybe 8 through 14 curling up on the couch in front of the TV with a sleeve of Ritz crackers and some dried salami, only getting up to sneak back and forth to the freezer for one more big spoonful of ice cream, ever careful to smooth it over making the remaining ice cream look even so the quart wouldn’t look quite so savaged. And yes, this behavior did blossom into a full blown eating disorder if that’s what you’re wondering. But that’s a whole different post. I’m not trying to bring everyone down. Okay, so in the spirit of remembering, here is a list of my never missed shows.

  • Little House on the Prairie 1 of 17

    I have to start with Little House because I absolutely lived for it every Monday night. I watched every episode except when my step-father would insist on watching Monday Night Football. Those were wretched horrible nights and I would cry myself to sleep. Back then we had only one TV and zero DVRs. Can you believe anyone ever lived like that?

  • Quincy, M.E. 2 of 17

    Okay, I had the hots for Jack Klugman and I'm simply not going to apologize to you or anyone else about it. He had a sexy thinking face. It really shouldn't come as any mystery that I love Dateline and 48 Hour Mysteries now since I was obsessed with a medical examiner show waaaay back then.

  • Emergency! 3 of 17

    I've got two words for you: Randolph Mantooth. Hawt.

  • The Six Million Dollar Man 4 of 17

    Steve Austin was the Six Million Dollar Man and I believe he had two bionic legs, a bionic arm and a bionic eye. Whenever Steve would do something using his bionic powers it would make that bionic sound uh uh uh uh uh uh uh. Man I loved that sound. I think I speak for all of us when I say it gave us great comfort. But who in the world does a bionic man date?....

  • The Bionic Woman 5 of 17

    Isn't it so amazing that the only bionic woman and the only bionic man actually had chemistry with each other? I mean, what if they met and it turned out that he just wasn't that into her? I imagine she'd be all like, "but, I mean, I'm bionic! And so are you! I get you! I'm the only one who will ever get you!" and he be like, "I'm so sorry but I'm simply not attracted to you." Then Jaime Sommers' friends would be saying, "Jaime, you have to stop driving by his house. He's got bionic vision. He can see you." And then Jaime would be like, "I can't hear you." And her friend would say, "Come on, Jaime, I know you can. You have a bionic ear. Let's not play this game."

  • Charlie’s Angels 6 of 17

    Obviously my friends and I played Charlie's Angels all the time when we were kids. And obviously I always got stuck being, you guessed it, Kate Jackson. WHY? I mean just look at this picture: Jacklyn Smith is wearing a tiny white bikini, Farrah's dressed like some kind of sexy cruise ship employee and my character is -what- a stable boy? I mean, really, I couldn't even have my wrists exposed? I'm still bitter.

  • The Love Boat 7 of 17

    Speaking of sexy cruise ship employees...The Love Boat, soon will be making another run. The Love Boat, promises something for everyone! Saturday night baby!

  • Fantasy Island 8 of 17

    Oh yeah, baby. I always had a very exciting Saturday night: Love Boat followed by this gem, Fantasy Island. Due to my lack of social life I believe I've seen every episode. Go ahead, try me.

  • Welcome Back Kotter 9 of 17

    You had a crush on Vinnie Barbarino you say? Well I had the hots for Epstein. Bam. I'm different that way!

  • Good Times 10 of 17
    Good Times

    I loved this show. And not just because of Dy-no-mite! Well okay mostly because of Dy-no-mite. But also because of Buffalo Butt!

  • The Jeffersons 11 of 17

    I absolutely loved The Jeffersons. To this day if I'm wearing something low cut I can't help but wonder if I'm sporting Weezy Jefferson cleavage. Remember that? Google it.

  • What’s Happening!! 12 of 17

    Did you know that this show only lasted three seasons? It turns out that Fred Berry who played Rerun starting making crazy demands in the second season even causing a strike at one point. Producers ended up canceling the show rather than giving in to his demands. I imagine that Raj had to have been pissed. The good news is that Dee grew up to be a happy veterinarian.

  • Happy Days 13 of 17

    This list wouldn't have been a good list without this show. I believe it was on Tuesday nights at 8:00 and, of course, I was home and happily watching every.single.Tuesday.

  • Laverne and Shirley 14 of 17

    Laverne and Shirley brought us the comedy gimmick of the funny set up a la "I smell eggs" followed by Lenny and Squiggy popping up with a "Hello!" Never got old.

  • One Day at a Time 15 of 17

    As you can imagine I totally related to Valarie Bertinelli's character and wanted to be her with her long, shiny hair and good yet slightly sassy demeanor. Perhaps that's why I keep getting drawn against my will to the Valarie Bertinelli collection of clothes. They are just so damn me! Help!

  • Bewitched 16 of 17

    I'm pretty sure this one was on during the day. Am I not remembering right? Didn't I watch it when I was home sick followed by Wheel of Fortune? I can't think. Hell, I don't even know which Dick I was into at the time. There were two different Dicks. That I know. I did watch it! Swear!

  • The Brady Bunch 17 of 17

    Couldn't end this list without the Brady Bunch. I grew up with those kids. I recently read Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick)'s book and I may read Barry William's book too. I feel like people are either into Brady Bunch or Partridge Family. I hope the fact that I'm a Brady Bunch person doesn't pull us apart. That would be a real shame.

Did I miss any? If you feel I did then leave them in the comments! I read them all!

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