My Favorite Everyday Treat Does Not Involve Vegetables

Urgh. I’ve been doing low-carb/no-carb/don’t eat sugar for so long and for so many reasons that I’m bored with myself. Completely. I’ve also been eating so much garden squash and vegetables that I’m bored with food. Thoroughly.  And it’s hot. And we’re only about two days into summer. Are you feeling me? I’m getting pretty sick of eating the things that I’m eating.

And then I went to NYC last week (where everyone is eating beets, beets and more beets…what’s up with your freaking  love of beets, NYC?) and saw someone at the next table order whipped topping for dessert. It wasn’t on the menu. And she proceeded to do a very Sally Albright move and explain on and on exactly what she wanted in a lot of words that basically just boiled down to whipped cream on a spoon.

Or in my case, Cool Whip whipped topping in a spoon. With different things poked into the top. For variety. Or not. I’d eat it plain all day long.

And somehow this is putting me in a better mood. I’m regularly treating myself (and my son) to this little snack, and it’s making me able to do my low-carb, high-garden-squash diet for that much longer. At least for another couple of weeks.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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