My Guide to Going Dairy-Free: 16 Ways to Survive Giving Up Dairy

Here I am in Brazil, feeling great about being dairy-free and amazed that it has cleared up my skin…
…even while my husband was drinking this (avocado shakes) & maracuja icecream.

In case you were inspired by my earlier post that explained how going dairy-free cleared up my adult acne, made me feel younger, even seemed to remove some wrinkles – I have a little something for you today.

Whether you have inflammation issues, allergies, Hashimotos, adult acne, or simply want to reduce or remove your dairy intake, here are my top 16 tricks of the trade that don’t creep me out and have helped me survive giving up dairy. Presenting, my Dairy-Free Guide…

  • Banana Soft-Serve 1 of 16
    Banana Soft-Serve
    You guys HAVE to try this banana soft serve. Frozen bananas magically turn into gelato in the food processor. This is one of our favorite treats (we top with toasted coconut and nuts -- serioulsy delicious -- or cocoa powder mixed with a bit of agave or honey.) I also love this line-up of additional soft-serve flavors.
  • Almond Milk (Chocolate, please) 2 of 16
    Almond Milk (Chocolate, please)
    I was scared to try a milk alternative. I never was a big fan of just straight up milk, anyway. BUT, I decided to give almond milk a try as it has so many health benefits. Plus, every friend of mine that drinks it LOVES it. And well - - it's great. I totally recommend it. And for a treat, the chocolate almond milk is amazing.
  • And HOMEMADE Almond Milk 3 of 16
    And HOMEMADE Almond Milk
    You can also make your own almond milk! My sister-in-law has a recipe here. I hear homemade almond milk is even more delicious than store bought. Almonds, vanilla, dates, a pinch of salt....sounds good to me.
  • Avocado Alfredo Sauce 4 of 16
    Avocado Alfredo Sauce
    This is one of creamiest things you could eat: Avocado Afredo Sauce (you can serve over pasta...though we serve over our zucchini ribbon pasta and it's off the charts.)
  • Avocados 5 of 16
    Avocado is just all around a secret weapon. And it's because it's creamy. And that makes it a great alternative to cheese say in a salad or on a sandwich. And it's delicious on chili, instead of sour cream. (photo by Michele Saraphim)
  • Pumpkin Spiced Lattes 6 of 16
    Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
    Last fall I saw that one of my favorite bloggers posted a recipe for pumpkin latte. This stuff is seriously amazing. (Easy way to use almond milk.)
  • Coconut Milk Whipped Cream 7 of 16
    Coconut Milk Whipped Cream
    This stuff is simple and I'm telling you....delicious. Put a spoonful on your pumpkin latte, on your desserts, on a bowl of berries. You get all the indulgence of whipped cream.
  • Coconut Milk Icecream 8 of 16
    Coconut Milk Icecream
    If you're an icecream lover, even if it's once a really, really must try coconut milk icecream. It has become our favorite icecream around here....and even my foodie (non-dairy-free) husband just LOVES this stuff. This brand is awesome (we love the chocolate peanut butter swirl).
  • Nacho Dip 9 of 16
    Nacho Dip
    I have yet to try any dairy free cheeses (I'll admit I'm terrified of them) but this dip my sister-in-law makes is as yummy as you can imagine. And it's made with real ingredients: cashew nuts, red bell peppers, and yummy spices.
  • Tikka Masala 10 of 16
    Tikka Masala
    Oh, the joys of Indian food made with coconut milk! Check your local Indian restaurants to see if they have some coconut milk dishes. (photo by Peacock & Paisley)
  • Sorbet 11 of 16
    Ciao Bella began in New York's Little Italy and we happily carry on that New York tradition. Their flavors are the best you'll find. I especially love the dark chocolate sorbet. It's dark, dark - just how I like it.
  • And Homemade Sorbet 12 of 16
    And Homemade Sorbet
    Homemade sorbet also does the trick on hot summer afternoons.
  • Chia Seed Pudding 13 of 16
    Chia Seed Pudding
    My friend prepared a dairy-free lunch for me one day and it was seriously amazing. For dessert she made chia pudding. It's SO GOOD and so very, very healthy.
  • Hummus 14 of 16
    Hummus is like a secret weapon. It's another way to satisfy that craving for something creamy. It's also a great alternative to using cheese on a sandwich. (We love Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper).
  • Earth Balance Spread 15 of 16
    Earth Balance Spread
    This stuff tastes just fine, if you ask me. I put it on my gluten- free toast from time to time and it's buttery yummy. (I get the soy-free kind.) Just as I was preparing this post, I saw they have a coconut spread. So excited to try it.
  • Massaman Curry 16 of 16
    Massaman Curry
    Thai restaurants also have dairy free options....Massaman Curry is traditionally made with coconut milk and it's a little dream come true whenever we go for Thai at our favorite place in Brooklyn. (It's our Brooklyn comfort food.) (photo by Alicia Ross

Dear readers, do you have any great dairy-free options to add? I’d love to hear!



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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