Indulge Your Guilty Pleasure: A Gift Guide For The Uber-Connected Family

Unplug, unplug, unplug. I know. Technology is frying our brains and taking samurai-swings at our work/life balance, and all kinds of terrible things, but be honest…YOU LOVE IT.

I love it. I mean, I’m at its mercy and it is my master and all that, but if Siri could shower for me I’d download that app stat. {Lazy is such an ugly word. I prefer “efficient”.} So, while everyone else is admonishing you to unplug, my fellow techno-freaks, I’m going to give you a whole slideshow of ideas for digital gifts that you can share with your family and friends. Because if they really loved you, they’d love your love for gadgetry, too.

  • iCade (That’s iPad+Arcade) 1 of 14
    iCade (That's iPad+Arcade)
    I don't even need to write a description for this. I just need to buy it. ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad.
  • A Paintbrush For Your Tablet 2 of 14
    A Paintbrush For Your Tablet
    I know. I KNOW. The Capacitive Brush & Stylus from Princeton Art simulates the strokes of a real paintbrush, and doubles as a stylus so you can rationalize buying it.
  • Universally Awesome 3 of 14
    Universally Awesome
    It's the ultimate in universal remotes. The Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote is compatible with 700+ devices and replace up to 15 remotes. If that wasn't designed for a digital junkie, well then I just don't know what was.
  • Air Hockey, Sans Air 4 of 14
    Air Hockey, Sans Air
    Who needs air? iPieces Air Hockey allows you the "thrill of hitting the puck" without the potential nosebleed.
  • Digital Polaroid. Effing Finally. 5 of 14
    Digital Polaroid. Effing Finally.
    You knew they had something good up their sleeve when they stopped production on their analog stuff *sniff*. The Polaroid Z230 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera puts a polaroid twist on your digital life.
  • Stick It 6 of 14
    Stick It
    iMagnet Cradle-less Magnetic Mount mounts your device everywhere from the back of an airplane seat to the windshield of your car. Never leave home without it.
  • Withings Digital Scale 7 of 14
    Withings Digital Scale
    Feeling fat? There's an app for that. Withings WiFi Body Scale will sync your weightloss with your devices and really get your heart pumping.
  • Digitize Your Handicap 8 of 14
    Digitize Your Handicap
    For the golf lover in your digital address book, consider Swingbyte Golf Training Device. Syncs with your smart phone.
  • Charge Me Up 9 of 14
    Charge Me Up
  • Baby’s First App 10 of 14
    Baby's First App
    How early can you start your tot on their first device? As early as they can giggle at this Apptivity Monkey from Fisher-Price.
  • Project It 11 of 14
    Project It
    If you store it on your smartphone, you can project it on your wall with this pocket projector from Joybee.
  • One Strip To Charge Them All 12 of 14
    One Strip To Charge Them All
    The Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector can handle what you've got.
  • Sweet Dre@ms 13 of 14
    Sweet Dre@ms
    Hate going offline to sleep? Fitbit Sleep Tracker can make sure you're always connected. (It can also give you all kinds of complicated data about your sleep and stuff.)
  • Sphero. It Just Is. 14 of 14
    Sphero. It Just Is.
    For the truly frivolous, there's the Sphero Robotic Ball, literally a small white ball that is controlled by your smartphone. Maybe you're very lazy (ahem, efficient) and have an active cat?

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