Next Stop, Baby Vogue: My Infant’s First Fashion Show

The models on 7th Avenue aren’t the only ones sporting the latest fashions this month. My infant Katie is shaping up to be quite the fashionista. (You hear that, Grace Coddington? We are available for bookings.) Every day at our house is a fashion show — a procession of cuddly footies, soft-hued onesies and whisper weight swaddling blankets worthy of their own tent at Bryant Park. Each afternoon is a cavalcade of outfit changes. Okay, so they’re mostly due to leaky diapers and spit up, but I prefer not to get bogged down by the details. And a baby can never have too many looks, right?

Prepare to be dazzled by an infant’s first fashion show …


  • Look #1: Animal Prints and Ruffles 1 of 9

    Here, she sports a delectable Baby Leopard Print Footie by infant clothing maker Little Me. I might be a little biased, but I can totally see this as a cover for Baby Vogue. (Sample cover line: "What Babies Want — It's More (Way More) Than Warm Milk and Clean Diapers")

  • Please, No Pictures 2 of 9

    The "mamarazzi" just won't leave this supermodel alone, stalks her every move. 

  • Look #2: Delectable Lounge Wear 3 of 9

    Next up, we have an adorable blue and gray leisure suit from Yves Saint Laurent baby couture collection. Cost: $425. No, wait, scratch that. It's actually from K-Mart's baby line Small Wonders. Cost? $11. 

  • Look #3: The "It Paci" 4 of 9

    You've heard of the "It Bag and "It Shoe." Well, Spring 2014 is the season of the It Pacifier. The bigger, the better. Should engulf at least half the fashionable baby's face. 

  • The Model of a Thousand …Okay, Two Looks 5 of 9

    The young model shows she's more than just a master of making fists and lying on the floor looking cute. This is her supine "action" pose. Werk those gummy arms, baby! That's it. Say cheese.

  • Look #5: Graphic Black and White with a Hint of Color Blocking 6 of 9

    Here, Katie models another cute look from Little Me. You may have noticed Katie is a real master of the casual supine pose. We're working on her powerful sashay down the runway but that might be a few years. 

  • Look #6: The Jauntiest Chapeau 7 of 9

    Knitted caps are a big look for infants this season … 'cause they're bald.

  • Getting Her Beauty Sleep 8 of 9

    She rests between photo shoots in a whisper soft swaddling blanket courtesy of SwaddleDesigns

  • Look #7: Stars and Smiles 9 of 9

    Here she is in her signature supine pose again showing off a star onesie from Old Navy (by way of a hand-me-down) and a newly mastered smile. Such dynamic looks, this one. Kate Moss, watch out. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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