I’m Raising a Thief


We all know the story of Robin Hood, am I right? We can all agree that it’s wrong to steal from anyone, even if our intentions are noble. I thought that I had ingrained that wee bit of knowledge into my kids, but perhaps I was remiss.

My kids have no concept of money, period. We work on earning things through chores but apparently the value of a dollar is not getting in their brains. I figured that this was something that they would eventually understand, but now I’m pissed. One of my boys stole from ME. And then, to make matters worse (or better? No definitely worse!), he brought the crisp dollars and passed them out to his friends.

Oh, heck no.

Here’s how it went down. Kid-in-Question (I’m not going to identify him here for fear that he doesn’t get invited to play dates any longer or for the rest of his life), hereafter referred to as KIQ, was dropped off at school. I got a strange call from my husband just a few minutes later that someone had been “rearranging” our emergency money drawer. Don’t get excited if you know where I live. There is so little money in that stinking drawer, and now it’s been further depleted as you will soon read. My husband said that he thought that he knew who it was, but that we would talk when he got home. Meanwhile, he thought that I should take all three home straight after school as a punishment.

SIDE NOTE: I hate going straight home after school. I love, love, love taking my kids to the skate park so that they can blow off pent up energy and I can hang out with my friends. So, thanks, beloved husband, for making me discipline them even though I really don’t want to. It’s so overrated sometimes. It just really gets in the way.

When I picked them up from school, KIQ’S friend ran up to me with a wad of cash in his hand. He said, “Look what your son gave me.” I lost it. That’s my money that we’re talking about. I said, “Why did he give it to you?” He said that he shared his drink. Gotta hand it to the kid for being super entrepreneurial, but I digress. I told him that it was most certainly my cash, and I needed it back. He did as he was told (probably regretting the fact that he even told me in the first place, tough loss, buddy!). But the kicker? KIQ’s friend pointed to another friend and said, KIQ also gave him money. We walked up to the second friend, and he begrudgingly pulled out FIFTEEN BUCKS. So. Not. Cool.

Needless to say, we went straight home. We had a long talk about how stealing is never okay. We took some special things away from him and … crap, I’m realizing that I just sent him the completely wrong message. You stole so I’m stealing from you. Booyah.

Friends, I need help here. Did you have a kid that stole? What did YOU do?


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