My Kids are Addicted to Minecraft and We Need an Intervention

legoYou guys have been talking about Minecraft for years now. I only listened with one ear because somehow, my kids missed the memo. And you know what? I was totally cool with that. I thought that my kids could see past the trends, like all three of them did with Thomas the Toy Train or Engine or whatever. Yes, you read that right. Not a single one of my three boys ever fell into the Thomas trap. While all of my friends spent hundreds of dollars on the little pricey wheels, my boys never bothered with any of it. While children memorized names and colors, my kids missed the boat, er, train, entirely. So, you can see how I wasn’t worried about Minecraft. Not even a little bit.

But now…NOW, my sons have decided that there is nothing more precious in the world than Minecraft in all of its forms. Minecraft Lego? Yep, we have all three sets. Minecraft on the computer? We have that. Minecraft on apple devices? You guessed it. I know, first world problems. But, here’s the thing. The kids had to earn the ability to purchase the various Minecraft incarnations, so these were not gifted to them in any way. But, now I want to TAKE IT ALL BACK. Because, Minecraft is driving me crazy. minecraft

It’s all the boys talk about…Zombies, pigs, chickens, and crafting tables. What is this, Martha Stewart? Can someone PLEASE explain what a crafting table is? And another thing, with all of the innovations in graphics and technology, why does Minecraft look SO lo-fi?

When the boys are playing Minecraft, they are sucked into another world entirely. I hear “I need sugar” from their rooms and “LAVA” and I don’t understand it. But, it’s driving me completely insane. I’m over it.

Someone, anyone, PLEASE HELP ME. Quickly, BEFORE THE ZOMBIES DO.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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