my list of completely personal, gotta-have-to-get-through-this-cold things

I’m sick.

It’s like the Universe has been reading my previous posts — my desire to drink more water and generally get moving to stay healthy — and just laughed in my face.  “Get healthy?!” the Universe snorted.  “Take THIS!”

And then I was smited (smote? smitten?) with an unholy cold.

I don’t know about you, but I have a ritual of what I must have whenever I’ve come down with a minor illness like this — when I’m snuffly, or have a sore throat, or a cough or that prickly, sensitive sensation on the little hairs in my lower back whenever I have a fever.  (What, you don’t have that? Weird.)

So I thought that in the spirit of sharing, I’d list my must haves whenever I’ve come down with something.  (Husband, take note.)

1. Lots and lots and lots of mugs of sweet tea.  I drink tea a lot anyway, but usually I try to curb my sugar intake — not when I’m sick, man.  I start mainlining black tea, drinking it the English way with two teaspoons of sugar and a splash of milk.  I think it’s more for the comfort of it than any sort of medicinal reasons, but whatever.  Like a security blanket, it tends to work.

2.  Lots and lots of Vitamin C.  I recently discovered these vitamin C drops, and whenever I’m sick (or traveling, actually), I pop these puppies like candy.  Because they taste like candy, actually.  Which brings me back to sweet being very, very comforting.

3.  Hoodies and leggings.  Okay, so I often wear hoodies and leggings, but I make no apologies for it when I’m sick.  Part of the reason is to keep me warm, part of the reason is because soft fabric against my feverish skin is the only way I can be sick and not act like a completely whiny baby.

4.  Soup.  I don’t actually much like soup normally, but when I’m sick, nothing comforts like a steaming bowl of soup.  I actually could do without the time-honoured custom of chicken noodle, though — I like thick, gooey, corn-filled, creamy soups … or stews, maybe.  Yes, scratch this:  I like a good stew.

(Number 4 is actually a subliminal message to my husband.  He makes the best corn-filled seafood soup/stew on the planet.  And I swear it’s a miracle cure.  I’d share the recipe, but he’s sort of a kitchen MacGuyver, and never makes the same recipe twice.  But it always tastes awesome, and I tell him often I would’ve married him for his cooking alone.)

5.  Socks.  Big, fat, fluffy socks.  I do not know why.

6My journal, and coloured pens and paints.  I tend to do a criminal amount of journaling when I’m ill — usually just doodles, and paint splotches and nothing that makes any sense to anyone but (including) me.

7.  Extra sleep.  I try to go to bed extra early when I’m ill.  I always feel tons better.

8. Scalding hot showers.  Preferable with tons of water pressure.  Nothing like a scalding shower and the steam to make me feel something close to resembling human again.


I’m sure there are several other items that should be on this list, but right now I’m too foggy-headed to think about any more.  What about you?  Anything you have to have with you when you’re feeling poorly?

Help a sister out.


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