My New Baby: Double Time

It’s not quite as adorable as my daughters were when they were born, but it is awfully cute in its own way, what with the yellow cover and those little pink footprints. And I love the typeface.

Yes, sir, that’s my baby: my new memoir, Double Time: How I Survived — and Mostly Thrived — Through my First Three Years Mothering Twins. It’s about my pregnancy, my twin parenting adventures, my struggles with severe clinical depression, and my quest for work/life balance (as if there’s such a thing.) I’ve included some quick excerpts from the book below, along with some photos from way back in the early days. (And there’s also a chance to win a free copy.)

But before all of that, there’s something important I want to say.

And that’s a great, big, perhaps-awkward-but-nonethless-sincere bear hug of a thank you. Yes, thank YOU. My readers. (As well as the good folks of Babble.) Because if it weren’t for this blog, and the wonderful sense of community and support (through good times and bad) and virtual friendship it has brought me since Elsa and Clio were mere months old, I never would have written Double Time.

I wouldn’t have had the courage to share my story, particularly my depression story, so publicly. And I never would have understood just how important it is for us — all of us, no matter how many kids we have or even if we have none at all — to share our stories with and listen to each other. Honestly, thoughtfully and with empathy. With the occasional LOL-worthy joke thrown in. It’s what you give me in your comments here and over on Facebook, and what I always try (sometimes more successfully than others) to do in my writing.

Because having that sense of connection with each other makes us all stronger, better and happier.

And, you know, on a more practical level, if it weren’t for this blog (which, again, wouldn’t be here if you didn’t actually read it!) I wouldn’t have had dozens of blog posts to go back and look at to jog my memory: when the hell did we start giving them solid food? When did they drop their second nap? What was going on in my head when they were one, two, three…? (I promise, though, that the book is NOT my blog in book form. There are, however, a few anecdotes that I also wrote about here.)

Anyway, thanks. Truly. Especially to my long-time readers. (You’ll find another shout-out in the book’s acknowledgment page). And thanks in advance to those of you who buy the book or get it from your library or tell your friends or family about it. I hope you like it, and would love to hear what you think.

AND, if you leave a comment below now through Monday (May 14), you’ll automatically be entered to win a free copy of the book! When leaving your comment,  please use the email you want me to contact you at in the comment form. (And, good news for all my readers in Bangladesh, Madagascar and North Korea: your copy can be shipped anywhere in the world!)



  • Two Pregnancies 1 of 7
    Two Pregnancies
    The doctor maneuvered the ultrasound want until it felt like it was horizontal inside me. "OK, so," he finally said. "We appear to be looking at two pregnancies." Two pregnancies, I thought? What the hell does that mean? How can one person have two pregnancies at the same time? Unless…. "Twins?" I said idiotically. "Yep," said the doc. "Congratulations."
  • Newborn Daze 2 of 7
    Newborn Daze
    I knew that the first weeks and months would be hard. I knew there would be times when we'd feel helpless and bewildered and perplexed, not to mention really, really tired. But I knew the chances were pretty good that we'd get through it, keep our two tiny beings alive, and live to tell the tale.
  • Truly, deeply, madly 3 of 7
    Truly, deeply, madly
    It was at just over six weeks that we got our first smiles. And all of a sudden my little larvae started to feel like my daughters. That mad mother love I'd been waiting for finally kicked in and, every day, I found myself falling a little bit deeper.
  • Babies on the move 4 of 7
    Babies on the move
    Elsa crawled first, at almost exactly seven months. The girl crawled fast. And inevitably in the direction of things dangerous, fragile and otherwise non-baby-friendly.
  • Twin Bonding 5 of 7
    Twin Bonding
    There were times when Clio would lie on top of Elsa, sometimes "kissing" her by way of an open mouth against her head or cheek. They'd both make sort of affectionate "mmm" sounds, on the brink of laughter. I always wondered: was this a position they found instinctually comforting because it was the way they were in the womb, Elsa on the bottom, Clio on top?
  • Twice the fun 6 of 7
    Twice the fun
    "Like herding cats" is a metaphor I would use with increasing frequency as the girls became steadily more sure-footed and eager to explore. What's it like to go to the zoo with twin toddlers? To a playground? A birthday party? Anywhere, pretty much? A big ole cat rodeo.
  • All I can do is my best 7 of 7
    All I can do is my best
    I like to think that by doing my damnedest to get over my depression and going after the life I want, risks and all, I've set a pretty decent example for my children. But I guess the jury will be out on that one for some time.



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