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I am sorry to admit that I’m not the greatest citizen of MomBlog-onia, in that I don’t read other people’s blogs on a very regular basis. But there are a few that I occasionally check out, usually if something on Twitter piques my interest, and one of these is A Design So Vast, written by the lovely Lemead (I don’t know her real name!) who lives just a couple of towns over from me in Cambridge. She recently posted her “Alphabet of Right Now” in which she assigned a currently-relevant word or thought to each letter of the alphabet.

Seemed like a pretty fun idea to me. Moreover, I’ve been under the weather with a cold this week, and I liked the idea of pathetically mooching off someone else’s creativity this time around. Forgive me! (And consider this very sincere flattery of Lemead!)

A — Alastair, of course. AKA, my husband. Although the only time I actually call him by his name is in public or if I’m mad at him. And I don’t get mad at him that much. We’re having a “date night” this weekend for the first time in ages. I can’t wait.

B — Big girl beds. We traded out the girls’ toddler beds for them a few weeks ago. They take up pretty much the entire room. But the girls love them, and I love the fact that I will never have to deal with another fitted crib sheet again for the rest of my life! It’s much like the feeling I had when I took my last high school math final, and said to myself: I will never have to take another math class again.

C — Calculus. The last math class I ever took.

D Doctor’s appointments. The girls had their annual one this week. Elsa had a ball. Clio, we could barely even get to stand on the scale. But after the doctor had checked her over and asked her all the necessary questions, Clio admitted, “that wasn’t bad at all!” Until the nurse came back and gave her a shot.

E — Eden Lake, my novel. Publication time — May! — is getting closer and closer, and I’m having fun getting geared up, making plans, and figuring out ways to build buzz, like slipping the name of the book and a link to my website unassumingly into blog posts.

F — Franklin, Benjamin. He’s my great, great, great, great, great, great, great uncle. Seriously.

G — Goggles. Onion goggles, specifically. My brother and his wife gave them to me for Christmas (at my request) and they’ve totally changed my culinary life. I used to dread chopping onions. Now, I just put on my ridiculous onion goggles and go to work. And then the girls ask to borrow them to play with, and I let them, because I’m distracted with cooking, and I find them the next day, halfway under the couch.

H — Heather, one of my best friends, who is pregnant with her first child, a little girl. I’m going to see her in a few weeks, for the first time in months, which I’m really looking forward to. And I can’t wait to hold that little baby girl in my arms when she makes her debut!

I — iPhone. I just got one (I knew if I waited long enough Verizon would have them!) and I totally love it. But I am determined not to let it take over my life. And as soon as the novelty wears off, I swear I’ll stop playing with it every ten minutes.

J — Joy. I have a lot of this in my life right now, and I’m very grateful.

K — Klondike Bars. I have none of these in my freezer right now, and I wish I did.

L — Lattes. And au laits. And straight-up coffee. And tea. I spend many hours each weeks sitting and working at coffee shops, and mostly I like it, but sometimes I get really sick of hot beverages.

MManamana. As my Baby Squared Facebook pals know, I woke up last week to Clio singing this. (It’s on a mix CD some friends gave us for the girls, hence their familiarity with the tune). Elsa joined in. It was pretty awesome.

N — No. I have to get better at saying it, when it comes to projects / obligations / etc. There’s a fine line between busy (which I like) and stressed out (which I don’t).

O — Opera. Alastair’s Christmas gift to me this year was tickets to see La Boheme at the Met. We’re going in a few weeks. Is he the best, or what??

P Parrot and Olivier in America, by Peter Carey. It’s the novel I’m reading right now, and I’m really digging it.

Q — Questions. Elsa is full of them: Why do grownups get to stay up later than kids? Why is that guy making that face in that picture? When is it going to be Halloween again? What kind of meat do meat-eating dinosaurs eat?

R — Roper. Sometimes I think it’s funny that I have a different last name from the rest of my (immediate) family. But mostly it doesn’t bother me. And I don’t mind when people call me Mrs. Moock.

S — Secrets. Every night, as part of our bedtime routine, I tell the girls three of them. But they’re not really “secrets” so much as silly-isms: Turtles wear tutus. Hippos eat corn nuts. Cows wear purple socks on their ears. The last secret is always, “I love you.”

T — Trampoline. It remains the most popular toy in the house and the source of greatest strife.

U —  Underpants.

V — Vick’s humidifier. Ours has been doing double duty this winter. At any given time, it seems one of us is sick. Back to the humidifier: Anyone know what those little black particles that show up in the water after you use it are?

W — Wine. I’m proud to say that I’m successfully sticking to my resolution to drink less of it. Not that it’s always easy.

X — Xenophon Wolfe. When I was in middle school, somebody bought me a cactus garden as a gift, and my friend Joanna and I went through a baby name book and gave names to all of the cacti, based on what they looked like. Xenophon Wolfe was one of them. There was also a Basil Farley, a Cyrus Vance, an Abica Daphne, and a few others I don’t remember. Yes, I have a strangely selective memory.

Y — Yelling. I wish I did less of it. (At my children.)

Z — Zoo. Someone told me it’s all happening there. I do believe it’s true.

Your turn! Share your personal alphabet (or part of it) in the comments, OR do it on your own blog and post a link here. I’ll tweet any links posted, and post them on the Baby Squared Facebook Page, too. (Look at me all being a good MomBlogonian!)

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