My Prayers and Promises For BlogHer

I know. We don’t need any more pre-BlogHer posts, and I’ve already written a half dozen over on MomCrunch. But here I am, writing another one anyway.

This post is my BlogHer meditation. My reminder that my BlogHer experience is mine and mine alone, that I am the only one that can influence whether or not I have a good time and learn and grow and find the thread that connects all of you to my blogging heart.

Yes, that sounds corny. No, I don’t really care.

I am making these promises for BlogHer 2012.

I will slow down.

By choosing to not leave the hotel for outside events, I’ve created the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the conference sessions. I am going to take that opportunity, and go to sessions to listen and learn, even if I think I already know everything. Which is a problem; no, not that I know everything, but that I think I do.

I will take a break.

Each day, I will go to my room and enjoy an hour or so alone where I can NOT listen. This will help me keep an open heart.

I will look you in the eye.

It takes a lot to come up to someone you’ve never met and say hello. I promise that if you approach me, I will look you in the eye and shake your hand (or give you a hug, whichever you prefer).

I will not worry about my body.

I will shake my big ass on the dance floor at BlogHer and I will not give a shit what I look like while I do it. My flabby, ham arms will fly in the breeze, fuckers, and I will wave them at you with PRIDE.

I will not worry about doing it all.

If I miss a session I wanted to attend because I find myself immersed in an invaluable conversation, I will not feel bad. If I don’t spend any time on the expo floor other than the time I’m working for a client, I will not feel bad. If I linger over a dinner with friends and am late to a party, I will not feel bad. If I don’t get to see every single person at the conference, I will not feel bad.

I will take a few minutes each morning being silent and meditating.

When I put so much of myself out there, I need to spend some time filling myself back up. Being quiet and trying to listen to that still, small voice inside each day will fortify me, and I will not apologize for needing to take the time to do so.

I will remind myself that being tired is okay.

I’ll be rooming with fascinating women and running all day long. Sleep will be a low priority. I will forgive myself for being sleepy.

I will make a decision every single day that I will have a good time.

I’ve spent too much time at conferences feeling isolated and detached, and it’s all about my attitude. I need to choose happiness over the more negative feelings that can stalk me at blogging conferences.


I say this not to you, but to myself. This is my pre-BlogHer prayer:

I will work to be open, kind, generous, and willing to learn.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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