My Scary, Scary Closet

I have to confess that I generally hate hardware stores.  Hardware stores have a serious lack of shoes and makeup.  And they smell gross.  And they sell a bunch of stuff that confuses and scares me.  And they’re so big that I never know where to find anything.  I’ve always said that I would like hardware stores a lot more if they sold lip gloss and had sections of pink tools.  Or better yet, they had a comfortable seating area and employees to bring you drinks while demonstrating how to do little fixit jobs without using a shoe, a butter knife, or duct tape.  If the employees doing the demonstating were hot guys with tool belts, well, that would be even better.  (Can’t blame a girl for tryin’.)

Anyway, I’ve never really cared for hardware stores, but I recently discovered a whole organizing section at Home Depot.  Who knew?  Well, probably everyone but I knew that Home Depot carries products for home organization.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of organizing stuff.

So here are the embarrassing BEFORE pictures of my spare closet. Stay tuned for the AFTER pictures this weekend!

  • BEFORE 1 of 7
    This is why I could never get remarried. I'd have to clear out my second closet!
  • BEFORE 2 of 7
    I have two identical closets in my bedroom. One houses my clothes and shoes. The other one . . . well, apparently it holds everything else. It's a scary, scary place.
  • BEFORE 3 of 7
    The contents of my closet covering every square inch of my bedroom.
  • BEFORE 4 of 7
    I don't have a basement or a usable attic so things like luggage are piled in my closet.
  • BEFORE 5 of 7
    My wedding dress is even shoved into the dark recesses of my closet. I think it's time to eBay this thing.
  • HALFWAY 6 of 7
    Wow! There really is a lot of room in there!
  • HALFWAY 7 of 7
    I'm well on my way since I already have shelving installed. (You can get this stuff at Home Depot, by-the-way.) Stay tuned for the AFTER pictures once I get this thing organized!

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