My Vow To Never Go To a Concert On a School Night Again

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I don’t have a curfew on school nights. Mostly, it’s because there’s never been a reason for one. Mostly, it’s because I’m boring and on school nights I’m a spinster and like to be in bed by 11 PM at the very latest, unless I’m working or trying to finish an assignment the night before it’s due. (Don’t judge, we’ve all done it.) It’s hard enough to get through a class of Social and Emotional Learning (During one lesson, we listed all the reasons why adults don’t drink/do drink alcohol. It’s ridiculous.) when you’re awake and energized (thank you, coffee), let alone when you’re trying to survive it on less than six hours sleep.

But then… One Direction added another concert date. On a Monday night.

And I bought tickets straight away.

And then remembered that I probably should have asked my Mother first before buying them. But, she was out. And by the time I would have called her and asked her, the tickets would have been bought by someone else. Carpe diem, and all that. Seriously though, we have a pretty great relationship. I’ve had a credit card linked to her account since I was sixteen, which she doesn’t mind me using — as long as I transfer the amount I charge into her account first. I also knew that she would let me go to the concert the next day, as long as I didn’t have any exams the next day, she didn’t have to drive me, I didn’t whine about being tired the next day, and I didn’t ask to have the next day off school.

The concert was a week ago. It was awesome. It also didn’t finish until 11 PM.

I didn’t get to bed until 2:30 AM on Tuesday morning because of the stupid One Direction traffic.

I got up to get ready for school at 6 AM.

At first I thought, “Yes! I’m actually not tired! I can survive on one cup of coffee today!”

Sometimes I’m a real idiot.

At first, I thought my day would be relatively relaxing — maybe I’d even get through the day without wanting to crawl up in a ball and sleep. We watched a movie in History class. Great, right? Perfect time to catch a quick nap.

Except the movie was completely in Spanish, and you can’t read subtitles with your eyes closed.

Then came French. That was a total waste of a period, even though I probably needed to pay attention seeing as I have a test next week.

My study period was spent trying to calculate my chances of sneaking into the staff room and getting a cup of coffee, without getting caught. (There was no way I could have pulled it off).

Assembly was spent learning a new hymn. (I don’t know why they chose that day to teach us new ones, we’ve been singing the same ones for the last ten years, I could have easily sung it with my eyes closed. So inconsiderate of them.)

My lunch period was spent ignoring my friends and trying to nap in the library, using my laptop and school diary as a pillow. I got the logo of my school imprinted on my cheek from the plastic cover of my diary as a result.

My last period, Math, was spent staring at my computer screen and wishing that instead of displaying “2:15 PM,” the clock on the computer was saying “10:15 PM” so I could just go to bed already.

This is what my mother would call a logical consequence. “Logical consequences” are what I  refer to as karma. See, Mum and I have the type of awesome relationship where she trusts me to make my own decisions (Mostly. Within reason. As long as it’s not too stupid.)  — but she also trusts that with my decisions come logical consequences, which I’ll learn from and decide whether what I want to do is worth the consequence attached to it.

Buying another One Direction ticket? So totally worth the money. Even if it was coming out of my overseas trip savings.

Staying out until 2 AM on a school night? So totally not worth being that tired at school for the rest of the day.*

Throwing this laptop out my window because it is so slow and keeps crashing and is taking an hour just to save this post? I think that would definitely be worth it. The damage fees I’d have to pay to my school? Mmm, maybe not so much.

I love that we have the type of relationship where I can make my own mistakes and learn from them. I mean, sure, I hate logical consequences, but I also think they’re important. (I kind of hate myself for admitting that right now.) I mean, my actions do have consequences and ultimately, I’m glad Mum has the trust in me to allow me to make my own mistakes, and learn from them, whilst still letting me have fun.

Lesson learned: I’m never going to go to a concert on a school night again.**


*I’m so uncool, but I so don’t care.

** I only have three weeks left of school, thank goodness, because the Taylor Swift concert is in five weeks and on a weekday and I don’t anticipate being home before 2 AM that night either.






Article Posted 4 years Ago

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