My Year in Pictures

For the past couple weeks I’ve been looking back over the year, trying to remember all the things that happened. Unfortunately, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone what happened months ago. Thankfully, I post pictures and updates on Facebook frequently so I was able to look back and recall some of the things that happened this year. Whatever would we do without Facebook, right? So instead of writing a boring year-end wrap-up, I’m going to share my year in pictures. Believe me, there are some, ah “interesting” pictures. I hope you enjoy!

  • JANUARY 1 of 32
    We sailed with Vikings and did your basic pilaging and plundering.
  • JANUARY 2 of 32
    We didn't travel to the moon, but I did finally learn how to use my camera to take pictures of the moon. It's almost the same thing.
  • FEBRUARY 3 of 32
    We hung with celebrities like Mr. Potato Head. It's a glamorous life.
  • FEBRUARY 4 of 32
    Apparently, we're still learning how to eat. It's a work in progress.
  • MARCH 5 of 32
    We invented a new game called Rubber Chicken Baseball. Give it a year or two and it'll be all the rage.
  • APRIL 6 of 32
    We found a new use for malted milk balls on Easter. Lipstick! What can I say, my kids are um, creative.
  • APRIL 7 of 32
    Austin donated blood for the first time. (I only make half a dozen vampire jokes.)
  • APRIL 8 of 32
    An apocalyptic plague of frogs invaded my bathroom. And, as usual, my kids had nothing to do with this.
  • MAY 9 of 32
    I lost enough weight that my shorts got big. Of course, I gained it all back over the past few months . . .
  • MAY 10 of 32
    We spent a LOT of time at the beach. (Anything to avoid work, right?)
  • MAY 11 of 32
    We experimented with different kinds of facial jewelry. What, you've never seen anyone wear a lizard on their face?
  • JUNE 12 of 32
    We held the spare tire Olympics. The games consisted of throwing a tire like a discus,playing horseshoes with the tire, and rolling each other in the tire down the driveway into oncoming traffic. Surprisingly, no one went to the ER over this one.
  • JUNE 13 of 32
    Brooklyn graduated from kindergarten. And promptly began crying that she'd have to go the whole summer without doing any homework. I have no idea whose kid she is.
  • JUNE 14 of 32
    Clay and Jax had fun with poop at The Museum of Science and Industry. So basically it was like any other day in the lives of these guys.
  • JUNE 15 of 32
    We went out on The Ledge of the Sears Tower while visiting friends in Chicago. No one threw up. Well, my teens almost threw up, but it was because of my shirt since they're fans of "that other team".
  • JUNE 16 of 32
    We spent time in Chicagoland with our friends and family. We didn't want to leave. (Does anyone else hear the beginning of Married with Children when they see Buckingham Fountain?)
  • JULY 17 of 32
    I had the honor of attending a brunch with my agent, my friend Kelli, and other amazing Books and Such authors. (This is the most action I've seen in years!)
  • JULY 18 of 32
    We moved into cardboard boxes because - why not?
  • JULY 19 of 32
    After developing numerous blood clots in my leg, I justified going to the pool everyday by calling it "therapy".
  • AUGUST 20 of 32
    I found this guy in my garage. I screamed. A lot. He's no longer among the living.
  • AUGUST 21 of 32
    My daughter got her driver's license which comes in handy when I have a chocolate craving and don't feel like driving to the store.
  • AUGUST 22 of 32
    There's no reason for this picture other than it's pretty. Before we all headed back to school, we took a walk by the lake and enjoyed the evening and beautiful sunset.
  • SEPTEMBER 23 of 32
    Savannah was inducted in the National Honor Society.
  • SEPTEMBER 24 of 32
    I went to Jackson's first jazz band concert. It was cool. They played jazz.
  • OCTOBER 25 of 32
    I was mistaken for a mental patient when I went to a doctor's appointment on my way to work while dressed like a crazy person for "Wacky Tacky Day".
  • OCTOBER 26 of 32
    I cheered Lexi and her team on at an allllll day cheer competition. (Lexi's the one defying gravity here.)
  • OCTOBER 27 of 32
    Austin finally abandoned his plan of being a hobo after graduation and is now opting to attend culinary school.
  • NOVEMBER 28 of 32
    Savannah finished up her swim season at the district meet.
  • NOVEMBER 29 of 32
    Instead of having a big family dinner, we took a little trip to see the manatees.
  • DECEMBER 30 of 32
    Savannah did a little volunteer service for S.T.A.R.S. before Christmas.
  • DECEMBER 31 of 32
    I got to listen to Lexi's first band concert. You know what a beginning band plays? Hot Cross Buns. And a dozen other songs that all sound eerily like Hot Cross Buns. Yep, that's all.
  • DECEMBER 32 of 32
    And we wound up the year together, mostly healthy, and happy. We're blessed with friends and family and deliciously amazing Florida winter weather. You can't ask for more than that. 🙂

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