National No Whining Day… And 9 Other Holidays Parents Deserve

Alert! Alert! National Cheeseball Day is coming up fast, on April 17. Perhaps you will celebrate by lovingly crafting a cheeseball. Perhaps you weren’t even aware of this day, which might make you wonder what other special holidays you’ve been missing throughout the year. NOT to worry, here are some important ones to mark on your calendar, based on exhaustive Google research: May 12 is National Miniature Golf Day, August 31 is National Trail Mix day, October 21 is Reptile Awareness Day, January 24 is Beer Can Day. And, perhaps best of all, September 3 is National Welsh Rarebit Day. (Prepare ahead and order your rarebits from Amazon, whatever they are!)

Oddly enough, festival-happy Americans seem to have missed out on key days that celebrate treasured parental pastimes and objects, as well as our lovely spouses and children and their less-than-lovely habits. And so, here are some suggestions. Contact your Congressperson!

  • National No Whining Day! 1 of 10
    National No Whining Day!
    From dawn to dusk, children can participate in this wonderful day by refraining from all forms of wails, whimpers, moans and plaintive cries. Best celebrated by dropping children off at Grandma's.

    Photo credit: Flickr/AndrewEick
  • National Wipe Your Own Butt Day! 2 of 10
    National Wipe Your Own Butt Day!
    A day dedicated to potty-trained children around the country who refuse to wipe their behinds. Visit wipe-your-own-butt-dot-com for free downloadable signs that say "WIPE YOUR OWN BUTT OR DIE."

    Photo credit: Flickr/clairity
  • National Yoga Pants Day! 3 of 10
    National Yoga Pants Day!
    Let's show them the love—for all the comfort they give, for all the lumps they hide, for all the permission they give to have fries with that.

    Photo credit: Flickr/lululemon athletica
  • National Sophie The Giraffe Day!  4 of 10
    National Sophie The Giraffe Day! 
    George Washington has his own day. So do Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Christopher Columbus. It seems only fair, then, that an all-important figure such as Sophie should have one too.

    Photo credit: Flickr/kmroselle
  • National DIY Meal Day! 5 of 10
    National DIY Meal Day!
    Hooray! Hooray! Kids and spouses will be making their own breakfasts, lunches and dinners today! Got a baby? Simply set her in the highchair with 9 bowls of Cheerios and she'll be good till tomorrow!

    Photo credit: Flickr/Jake Spurlock
  • National Take Out The Trash Without Nagging Day! 6 of 10
    National Take Out The Trash Without Nagging Day!
    On this holiday, dutiful husbands everywhere will automatically haul kitchen garbage bags outside without a single prompt from their partners. (Not to be confused with National Fix The Freaking Leaky Faucet Already Day.) .

    Photo credit: Flickr/Terwilliger911
  • National Concealer Day! 7 of 10
    National Concealer Day!
    Because it's restored the dignity of mothers everywhere and given them life.

    Photo credit:
  • National Bed Jumping Day! 8 of 10
    National Bed Jumping Day!
    Let's make this pastime official, once and for all. Sign the petition at!

    Photo credit: Flickr/Pink Sherbet Photography
  • National Digital Babysitter Day! 9 of 10
    National Digital Babysitter Day!
    Honoring The TV and The DVD, which so easily entertain children for such a reasonable price and allow parents the opportunity to do exciting things such as… showering.

    Photo credit: Flickr/Leonid Mamchenkov
  • National Diaper Pail Day! 10 of 10
    National Diaper Pail Day!
    Let us, at last, pay tribute to the invention that changed the life of changing. Bow your heads and sniff appreciatively in union. Without diaper pails, where would we be?

    Photo credit: BabyTrend

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