New Beginnings

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As I sit writing this my mind is a whirlwind, so much is going on.

moving boxes


I’m sitting at a table in a new house, in a new neighborhood in a new city and 15 minutes ago I took my kids to a new elementary school for their first day of school.


First Day of School


The sheer amount of newness that is occurring in our lives right now is both exhilarating and terrifying.  I love new adventures, and moving mid school year with 5 days to get the kids’ rooms unpacked and school supplies purchased and the house feeling like a home so that we can help them succeed…

Home is


It’s definitely an adventure.

While I’m not one to make New Year Resolutions, it’s just not something that’s ever been my thing, I am finding this move to be the perfect kick in the pants that we might all need to start some new things.

We have talked and talked about things we want to do or ought to do, and now that we’re starting this new life, I think it’s the perfect time to shake things up and start some new things.

  • New homework routines and reading plans for the kids.
    • Coming home immediately and getting homework out of the way so that there’s time to play and help with dinner.
  • New household responsibilities for the kids
    • We’re going to make a ‘My Contribution to the house is’ chart for the upstairs and each kid will have a column and responsibilities that are age appropriate:
      • Cleaning the bathroom
      • Making the bed
      • Putting away laundry
      • Setting the table
      • Vacuuming
      • Feeding the dog etc…
  • New exercise and eating plans for the hubby and me
    • I want to utilize the fact that the grocery stores are close and shopping weekly for fresh fruit, veggies and proteins and cooking enough protein ahead of time for chilled salads etc…
    • We have moved to a beautiful neighborhood with lots of walking trails and places to ride bikes and skate, we are definitely going to be taking advantage of this to help ourselves, but also set the example for healthy lifestyle choices for the kids.
  • New ‘me’ time for Mom.
    • Instead of over committing myself, I want to take some of the time that kids are in school each day to have lunch with friends, do my bible study, read, work on my photography, do things that I enjoy and that feed my soul
  • New monthly dates for all of us:  Each kid gets one date a month with each parent, and of course Nathan and I get a date night, too!


I’m taking the opportunity of a new town, and new beginning to begin focusing on myself.  My health, my family, my husband, and my passions photography and cooking.


I want to take this new beginning  that we’ve been given and show my kids it’s never too late to start over and to always face change with hope and excitement.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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