new fun, and why a gratitude practice is so important to me

Sometimes, when I’m preparing my post for this blog, I feel a bit silly.  I wonder if taking the time to notice what I’m grateful for is a bit Pollyanna:  you know, am I making much ado about the good in my life in order to avoid facing the awful?  Is it a form of denial?  Why don’t I just let go and get real?

Then this week, I was reminded why I do it:  I received some unsettling and scary medical news about someone in my immediate family.  As it stands right now, there’s a plan in place and there’s no reason why everything shouldn’t turn out just fine; still, it’s unsettling when the mortality of someone you’re close to comes into glaring focus.  And so, this week, just as I was about to prepare the words for this post, I found myself staring at the screen, shaken.

But I’m on a deadline.  I knew I had to do this.

And you know what?  Just spending time with these images helped.  I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s all peaches and sunshine over here, but it was lovely to relive the moment when my daughter finally figured out how to ride her bike.  Or the thrill of receiving a new camera in the mail.  Or reflecting on how much I enjoy my new habit of reading to my daughter (who reads beautifully on her own, but it’s a new practice just for the two of us).






This week was a great reminder that spending time reflecting on the good in your life is a great way to help you navigate the tough times.  And I’m so grateful that you guys are here to let me share them with you.

So tell me:  what wonderful things happened to you this week?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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