New Year, New Baby

Note: I am not pregnant.

Not yet, anyway.

Come 2011, though, I might be expecting a new bundle of joy sooner rather than later.  We hope.

At first, when people asked us if we were going to have another kid, I’d say, “It’s too soon to say.”  Or, “Maybe, but not less than two years apart.”  Three kids under four sounded pretty overwhelming.   I didn’t want to be pregnant on Jonas’ first birthday, as I was at Axel’s.

But somewhere along the way, the answer changed from, “I don’t know,” to, “We’re looking at cars that can fit three car seats.”

Seriously looking.  As in, arranging for a sitter so we can take a test drive.  As in, looking for recommendations – anybody got one?

We’ve gone from just trying to cope with having two under two, to talking about how we’ll drive, fly, ski, eat, and celebrate with three.  It’s shifted from a maybe to a definitely – that is, if the fertility Gods permit.

The shift happened pretty gradually.  One day, it was hmmm, maybe, we’ll see.  Then, as our baby who is no longer a baby began to walk, talk about buses and tractors, point to his nose, pat the heads of kind strangers and fellow toddlers, and hoard all the Cheerios in a two mile radius, it became a yes.   One day, we found that we just knew that we weren’t done, that we’d like to have another little baby and go through all the night wakings and sweet baby cuddles yet again.

We now picture ourselves as a future family of five.  I’m not making any New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow.  Preparing for this eventual shift will be resolution enough. 

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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