New Year’s Resolutions Are for Chumps. Or, They’re for Good Citizens. I Can’t Decide.

So I’m sitting here on my couch, thinking about New Year’s resolutions. And I can’t decide what I think.

The truth is, I haven’t done them for the past 18 years because I’ve always created a year list…which always started and ended in May, and so around Jan 1, I was always just in the middle of that, and well, blah blah longreallyboringstoryshort, I just haven’t done them.

But then this year, I did a Life List instead of a year list. And while a Life List should be (theoretically) more difficult, it’s actually waaaay easier because it just consists of a bunch of ¬†things like “Drink champagne while hiking Mount Everest” … things with no deadlines, or even any basis in reality, so I don’t feel the need to actually do anything. I like this.

But then Alice got me thinking. She wrote this swell post about making¬†five writing resolutions for the new year. And I like them. And I like how she’s thinking, so I’m going to go ahead and do five more resolutions for myself that all contain the word more.

1. Wear more color. This year I’ll wear less black and more fun. Like Punky Brewster.

2. Sleep more. I love this one.

3. Run more. I hate running. But I want to do it more because I like the way it makes me feel afterwards. It’s a love/hate thing. And I want to focus on the love.

4. Grow more food and eat it. Ever since we moved to the country, I’ve been growing vegetables…but I always give them away instead of eating them. I don’t totally know what that’s about, but I bet a therapist could have a heyday with it. So instead of paying this therapist, I’m just going to start eating my vegetables.

5. Eat more cake. But not in the obnoxious Marie Antoinette way. Because, obnoxious. But I love cake. It’s so celebratory. So I want to find more reasons to celebrate, then bake cakes to celebrate more often, and then eat those cakes. All of them. I predict, 2012 will be the year of cakes. You heard it here first.

So that about covers it for me. It is decided. I’m now pro-resolution. And I feel good about this. Totally doable. Almost restful. Also, cake.

Here’s to a great 2012!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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