No Cookies? No Large Soft Drinks? What’s This World Coming To?

A couple days ago, I posted to my Facebook wall, I can’t get a stinkin’ cookie at lunch anymore?! Thank you, Mrs. Obama! This started a debate of epic proportions wherein perfectly nice, sane women started finger-pointing, name-calling, questioning each other’s parenting abilities, and trying to “one-up” each other on the quality of the lunches they pack for their kids.  I didn’t need to read all that!  I was mostly kidding around; all I wanted was a freaking cookie!

Now today, I read that the New York Health Department is trying to ban large soft drinks from being served in local restaurants.  For real?

Now, I’m all for healthier options being offered at restaurants and schools, but give me a break!  I don’t believe America’s obesity problem is a result of chocolate chip cookies being offered in school cafeterias.  If a kid has three meals and one snack a day that’s 1460 times they eat every year.  Only about 180 of those are eaten at school.  Do you really think eliminating cookies for those 180 meals is going to make kids healthy and thin???  I don’t think banning large sized pop at restaurants is going to make us a skinny nation either.  People simply need to make wise decisions, control portions, make healthier choices, and use moderation.  And it needs to start at home.  I don’t know about you, but I would seriously resent being told what I can and cannot order when I’m out to eat.  If I want a large Diet Coke with my meal, I should be able to order one.  Heck, if I want a large regular Coke, I should be able to get it.  People know how much sugar and calories are in drinks.  We’re not stupid.  If we want to spend our daily calories on pop, we should be able to do just that.

I’m sure the government is merely concerned about Joe Citizen’s health, and it has nothing to do with money.  The Rice Krispie treats, bags of chips, donuts, and other less-than-healthy fare that are still offered at school apparently can’t make you as fat as a chocolate chip cookie.  And if the government’s so all-fire concerned about our health, why are cigarettes still available to the public?  A person is able to determine whether cigarettes are a good choice for them, but they can’t decide if they should order a large soft drink so that option has to be completely removed?  I say the whole thing is idiotic, but that’s just my opinion.  What’s your take on it?

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