Not Cute Days

Do any of you have days when you just don’t feel cute?

I think not feeling good about ourselves is a widespread problem due to the huge emphasis on beauty in our world – but I think there are some things we can do about it.

And we should.  Because let’s face it – – – that’s not the kind of woman that any of us would want to be.  That’s not the kind of woman we would want our daughters to be.

I’ve tried to really be at peace with myself even on my “not feeling cute days”….and it totally works.  It works so well that it is now extremely rare that I even have those ridiculous thoughts.  In case this is helpful….

Here’s my strategy:

-I tell myself that it will pass.  It always does.

-I tell myself that it’s probably hormones.  It usually is.

-If a thought creeps in, I see it as a reminder that I probably need to take better care of myself.  I usually need more fresh air.  I need to go for a run or walk.  I need to see the sun (which is actually a luxury in New York).  I need to drink more water.

-I put a hat on (every woman needs some cute hats around.  They do wonders.)

-I remind myself about my worth!!  Duh.  We all still have it, even on not cute days.

-I channel some reasons to feel cheerful, happy and grateful – cause the last thing I would want to do is sulk and feel annoyed and bring my sweet husband into such a little mess.

-I remind myself that not feeling cute leads to not looking cute.  (It’s really, really hard to look cute when you don’t feel cute.)

-And if all else fails, I consider if I really need to address something simple that legitimately could use some attention.  i.e.  Maybe I desperately need a new haircut (like right now!!).  Or maybe I’ve been holding out on buying something that I really could use (i.e. I haven’t purchased some good old blue jeans since I first met Danny 3 years ago…and so I have my eye on these.)

Do you have days when you just don’t feel cute?  Do you have a strategy for getting through it?  I’d love to hear!  I am sure we all could use some ideas.  🙂




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