Not Helpful! 7 Things Our Docs Didn’t Need to Tell Us During Pregnancy

While most of us got excellent care during pregnancy and birth, some of us have heard bizarre things, alarmist misdiagnoses, or just plain weirdness from our care providers.

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  • Lack-of-evidence-based scare 1 of 8
    Lack-of-evidence-based scare
    "I thought I'd miscarried at 6 weeks, so I went in to get an ultrasound. My doctor was gone, and the backup doctor found that there was a heartbeat, but it was a tad slow. She told me that "there's no research behind this, but your baby probably has Trisomy 18." I carried that with me until he was born, completely healthy, 34 weeks later."
  • Equinophobia 2 of 8
    "My doctor told me that I should under no circumstances ride my horse ("too jarring"), but that it was perfectly okay for other pregnant women to run a marathon, etc. (Obviously having an accident would be bad, but accidents happen to all sorts of people.)" -- J, California
  • Pit drip, now! 3 of 8
    Pit drip, now!
    "At my 34 week appointment, I was told that I would be scheduled for an induction b/c the baby had a slight medical anomaly, despite a) never having had early induction mentioned to me before during all the discussion of the anomaly, and b) there being no data to support early induction for this issue. I'd been having regular growth scans and the baby was right on track, so there was no danger of IUGR at all." -- E, Connecticut
  • Say what? 4 of 8
    Say what?
    "At my 8 week check with my first baby, I was understandably nervous, so when the OB turned on the ultrasound machine and said, "Let's take a peek and see how many are in there," my heart dropped through the floor. The possibility of multiples had never crossed my mind." (She had a healthy singleton.) -- A, Michigan
  • Missed diagnosis 5 of 8
    Missed diagnosis
    "When I had visual disturbance -- flashing jagged lines -- the midwife team decided I was having/ about to have a stroke. It was ocular migraine, but I think they scared my blood pressure right up into stroke territory!" -- D, Maine
  • Paging Dr. Sade 6 of 8
    Paging Dr. Sade
    "My OB group with my first baby wouldn't give me painkillers for kidney stones b/c it could hurt the baby. My midwives w/my 2nd and 3rd were horrified and said that was cruel and that if I ever got them again they'd prescribe me something safe and effective, because it's important to balance the needs of the mother with the safety-at-any-cost mentality." -- L, Illinois
  • Oh, really? 7 of 8
    Oh, really?
    "I was with midwives for my prenatal care, but needed to go meet with their back-up doctor. I'd already delivered a 10-pound baby vaginally with no problems, but he told me I should be concerned about a second delivery because "you never know" if the pelvis will open up for delivery. He then told me that I was lucky I'm white, because white women and Indian women (he is Indian) have "the best pelvises" for delivery, and that women of African descent had "poor pelvises." Gosh, I wonder how the millions of babies born on the African continent ever managed to get out of their mothers..."
  • Nature’s overrated anyway 8 of 8
    Nature's overrated anyway
    "The midwife in triage told my wife when she was in for monitoring that she needed to be induced right then since it was her due date and there was no reason to stay pregnant any longer." -- B, Michigan

Numbers 1 and 7 were said to me. The rest were said to friends. Did a provider say anything weird to you?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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