Not-So-Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some great Father’s Day gift ideas? Well, you should probably keep on looking because these are not going to be appreciated. At all. Sure, the father of your kids has been doing great all year and absolutely deserves to be celebrated! But I’m really tired and I want to watch TV so go check out one of those many many super crafty moms with lots of DIY great ideas for Father’s Day crafts which will probably leave a trail of glitter and tears around your kitchen. That’s what I’m going to do as soon as I finish this.

  • Something Practical 1 of 9
    Something Practical
    A how-to guide for properly loading the dishwasher. What? You're just trying to help!
  • Dads Night In! 2 of 9
    Dads Night In!
    A full night of stay-at-home fun with the kids. Do your husband a favor and go out with the girls so he can have some quality bonding time with his children for once! And really make yourself scarce! This is his time! You're welcome honey!
  • Shut Up 3 of 9
    Shut Up
    A whole day off from your bitching
  • Breathe Right 4 of 9
    Breathe Right
    A year's supply. Hey it's a win/win!
  • Tube Time 5 of 9
    Tube Time
    2 hours of uninterrupted basketball or baseball or whatever sport is on TV right now —I mean, how the hell should I know? I don't give a shit about sports I'm too busy caring for our children okay?
  • Dinner 6 of 9
    A home cooked meal (if you know me you understand why this is a terrible idea)
  • Date Night 7 of 9
    Date Night
    A night out using just the change from your "swear jar." Although the McDonald's in my neighborhood has a chandelier so...kinda fancy. Just saying.
  • Good Reading 8 of 9
    Good Reading
    The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • He’s Close To Number One! 9 of 9
    He's Close To Number One!
    A commemorative wooden plaque inscribed with the words: World's Most Adequate Dad!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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