Not Your Mama’s Babble Blog

What are we doing here? Good question.

We have absolutely no idea, we’re just as shocked as you are.

There we were, drinking tumblers of wine and thinking of words that rhymed with clitoris, when all of a sudden, we had a Babble blog with the understanding that we probably wouldn’t be writing about parenting very much and, if we’re being honest, have a bit of a pop culture and wiener joke addiction.

So, just to get things out of the way, we’re Shauna and Brittany, and we’re moms. We parent. If we were sister wives, we’d have seven kids between us and we’d be a whole lot happier on our off days, if you know what we mean.

When we aren’t mothering things, we have very intellectual pastimes, like reading The New Yorker, practicing our British accents while watching Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice, and writing haikus about the Kardashians.

We’re also best friends, authors, social media addicts, bloggers, advocates and comedians who work hard every day to defy the limits and stigmas placed upon us, simply because we had the audacity to have vaginas and birth miniature humans.

Our goal is to make this a place you can escape. Whether you currently have a baby hanging off your boob or you’re hiding in your bathroom from your teenagers in hopes of minding a few minutes of peace and quiet (groan and flush the toilet a few times, it’s way more believable that way), we are your go-to girls. Pop culture, masturbation, constipation, vaginal dryness: the topics are limitless and probably almost always crude, off-color, and not historically accurate.

So, stay tuned because shit’s about to get real up in here.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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