Nursery Design from the Ground Up

Looking for inspiration for your baby’s first bedroom? Have you thought about looking down? Sometimes all you need is the foundation.

Rugs are a great way to create personality in a nursery. They are easy to clean and keep clean and provide a soft play space for your baby when they start to sit up and explore.

They also are a great source of design ideas for your baby’s first bedroom and can literally help you “lay the groundwork” and get you started on your way to creating an amazing space for your child.

Design matters and matters to babies too. The floor is a surface they are likely to look at a lot. Choosing something that is both aesthetically pleasing and a tactile pleasure to crawl on, is important! I’m a fan of Pergo flooring for my kid’s rooms and wrote about how and why we selected a pale wood laminate flooring at Home Depot for all of our kid’s bedrooms. Recently I went to Home Depot to purchase a rug for my family room and I couldn’t help but notice all the choices that would be awesome in a baby’s room or kid’s bedroom as well.

With a wealth of rug designs out there, and so many to choose from at Home Depot, it’s easy to get inspired. I’m not even having a baby, and yet I found myself designing dream nurseries as I flipped through all the selections on a recent visit. I’ve selected all the following rugs not only for their ability to complete a theme nursery but also to stick around for the later years. What do you think? Did you decorate with a theme for your child’s first room?


  • Global Baby 1 of 18
    Global Baby
    Do you fancy your child will be a small global adventurer? This gorgeous rug looks like it's been brought home from a safari. It would fit well with other globally inspired, hand made and/or one of a kind pieces. (Home Decorator's Collection Azur Ivory $349)
  • Retro Modern Princess 2 of 18
    Retro Modern Princess
    This fab hot pink shag rug is groovy, but also mod. It's a perfect foil for ultramodern all white and clear lucite furniture. (Home Decorators Premium Flokati Rug $799)
  • Mid Century Mod Kid 3 of 18
    Mid Century Mod Kid
    If you're rocking the midcentury mod look in your split level castle, this braided retro rug might be the perfect floor covering for your protégé. Pairs well with vintage teak dressers and fall colors. (Colonial Mills Olivera Vintage Blue $479)
  • 70’s Inspired Flower Child 4 of 18
    70's Inspired Flower Child
    This nature inspired rug has an almost 70's earth child feel to it that could be the basis of a fab nursery. Pair this gray floral with simple, natural wood items, macramé art and accessories crafted from seed pods and capiz shells for a sophisticated baby room and beyond. (Artistic Weavers Meredith Light Gray $492)
  • Ocean of Calm 5 of 18
    Ocean of Calm
    If you were thinking "Ocean of Calm" more than "Under the Sea" brightly colored aquatics then this dreamy blue and cream rug is a great start. Look for pale gray and cream furnishings to keep the palette soothing. (Lanart Coral Teal $119)
  • Vintage Toy & Retro Pop 6 of 18
    Vintage Toy & Retro Pop
    This floor covering of muted dots really pops and sets the stage for a vintage inspired nursery floor. It would be a fantastic foundation for a bedroom that featured retro toys and posters. (Safavieh Porcello $125)
  • Babe in The City 7 of 18
    Babe in The City
    This blocked out rug calls to mind a city skyline themed room. Pair with modern and simple black and white furniture. (Mohawk Home Merrick Oyster $119)
  • Junior Architecht 8 of 18
    Junior Architecht
    This rug gives you a great idea to build on - with its stacked architectural shapes and colors. Stick to light colored wood furniture in classic styles and decorate with architectural prints and building blocks. (Mohawk Home Modern Blocks Medium Beige $127)
  • Eco Kiddo 9 of 18
    Eco Kiddo
    This floor covering not only looks like an eco friendly rug, it actually IS one. It lays the groundwork for a room that is designed with recycling, and earth friendliness in mind. Decorate with upcycled items and revamped hand me downs and you'll be saving green in more ways than one. (Organica Area Rug $249)
  • Beach Babe 10 of 18
    Beach Babe
    Is the beach and surfing a big part of your life? This tropical palm rug pairs well with surfing themed décor. It's not too over the top and will be easy to incorporate in other rooms if your surfer kid turns out to prefer land sports instead. (Artistic Weavers Bellvue Beige $188)
  • Circus 11 of 18
    This red round commands attention and would be perfect for a circus themed nursery. Pairs well with retro circus art, boldly striped curtains and bedding and a few well chosen stuffed animals -think Lion, Elephant, Horse. (Rafael Red Round $249)
  • Wild Child 12 of 18
    Wild Child
    Welcome to the jungle of parenthood. This wild animal print rug works well in any jungle or zoo themed room. Pair with faux fur, and mix and match animal prints for best results. This is a look that can be played up or toned down as your child ages. The classic brown cheetah print is a look that can be used in other rooms as well, giving this one legs. (Artistic Weavers Sarah Tan $528)
  • Jet Set 13 of 18
    Jet Set
    Take off in a Jet Set themed room with this city destinations rug. Accessories might include re-purposed luggage, a mobile made from shiny jet planes and aviation themed artwork. (Home Decorators Collection City Red $48.99)
  • Sporty 14 of 18
    Get baby sports enthusiasts on the ball with this ($352) sporty basketball rug. This rug is a statement piece and doesn't require a lot of additional sports décor to reinforce the theme. Stick to a simple palette of team colors or black and white and embellish sparingly. (Artistic Weavers Nicholas Dark Orange $352)
  • Road Trip 15 of 18
    Road Trip
    For the kid that's ready to roll, this ($177) road trip inspired map rug is a great floor covering that is sure to play host to hours of play. It's also a great way to learn the states. Decorate with road signs, vintage car accessories and stoplights to complete the look. (LA Rug Inc Supreme Travel Fun $177)
  • Farm Fresh 16 of 18
    Farm Fresh
    This patchwork patterned rug brings to mind farm fields, viewed from above. It's a great ground covering for a barn/farm themed nursery complete with farm animal accessories and décor and rustic/vintage styled furniture in shades of red and brown. (Lanart London Multi Rug $99)
  • Preppy Zebra 17 of 18
    Preppy Zebra
    Did you think that Zebra rugs were just for safari themed rooms? Think again. Paired with a strict palate of bright green or hot pink and white, this becomes a preppy zebra theme. Not quite tame and tons of fun. There's room in every home for a zebra rug. Pair with very classic furnishings don't stray from the primary palette.(Safavieh Shag Rug $129)
  • Old Western 18 of 18
    Old Western
    Yes it's actually possible to do a western themed nursery that doesn't scream "L'il Cowpoke!" The trick is to avoid clichés and getting too kitschy with the sheriff's stars and cowboy hats and boots. This western rug is a great start. Look for décor with horseshoes, horses, and items with a distressed looking wood finish. (Artistic Weavers Megan Red Clay $280)

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