#OccupyAdulthood AKA Aren’t We All Grown Ups?

I try to stay out of the ARGUMENT OF THE MOMENT.

It tends to solve nothing and is over when the next argument comes along.

Then something comes along and I just can’t let it go.

I might be late to the whole #OccupyBabble thing too.

Dadcentric #occupyBabble
Although the irony of THIS being the ad on site when I went to get a link about made me burst a fallopian tube!

The thing boiled down to this:

“We’re giving Jenny a blue pencil!” says Babble.

“I’ve got the bluest pencil in the history of blue pencils.” says Jenny dancing gleefully with her blue pencil.

“But I want a blue pencil!” says the Mikey.

“OH.” says Babble.

“I WANT A BLUE PENCIL!” demands Mikey.

“How about this red crayon?” offers Babble.


Babble searches in it’s purse furiously.

“How about this orange pencil?” Says Babble bringing forward a shiny pencil.

Mikey takes the orange pencil and everyone lives happily ever after.

And #OccupyBabble might have been somewhat a joke, but there’s truth the fact that the men felt slighted.

The truth is that women have been getting slighted FOR EONS.

This isn’t about sexual justice for all.

This about the fact that by making a “50 Top DAD Blogs” and 50 top MOM blogs” Babble drew a line in sand and said “Moms over here!! Dads over there!! Everyone has their own list, we’re all good!!! Nothing to see here!”

But, wait.

We’re NOT all good.

Why can’t it just be “50 top blogs”?

Why can’t the men give kudos with the fact that women have worked damn hard to be in the position they’re in and women deal with the fact that the men deserve the right to work just as hard?

In a world of “Dad” this and “Mom” that, is there not a place where everyone can JUST.GET.ALONG?

And pool our collective parent power against things like: THIS.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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