Of Teens, Tests And Texts: Mom And Modern Communication

 photo 14<——- That is a real message from my real son who was real mad that I didn’t answer him real quick. In my defense, the plane I and about 150 other people were on, had just touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport; needless to say, after flying since 6:40 that morning from San Diego, it was not quite the greeting I was hoping for from my offspring.

“When are you coming home?” he asked, slightly irritated, as was evidenced by the caps, emoticons and multiple exclamation points. His question was on point; I’ve been on the road a lot lately, taping my new show, Sweet Retreats for Disney-owned Live Well Network.

But even if I weren’t on the road roughly half the month, one fact remains; texting is the preferred form of communication for my teens and they are not alone. According to reports, texting is what teens do, a LOT; they average 60 texts a day, up from 50 just a couple of years ago.

When I saw my own kids getting callouses on their thumbs and becoming one with their smart phones, I did what most of us parents do; I  got an unlimited texting plan for the family and enabled the emoticons.

So check out the real life moments of modern-day communication with the kids I am proud to call my own. My responses are all on the right. Enjoy!

What are some of the crazy texts you’ve gotten from your kids? More importantly, do you know how to make a heart?

  • Happy New Year! 1 of 13
    Happy New Year!
    Sometimes the messages are serious, sometimes short. This was my text to my daughter, Casey on New Year's Day. photo credit:
  • I miss you too, son 2 of 13
    I miss you too, son
    In a spontaneous moment from the road, I decided to text the kids my undying love and affection. This was the response from my son. Clearly the San Antonio Spurs were more important than me at this particular moment. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • And THIS is why the timing was bad 3 of 13
    And THIS is why the timing was bad
    Cole explained to me that his manhood was at stake. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • Same text, different child, different response 4 of 13
    Same text, different child, different response
    When I sent the same message to my daughter, this was the response I got back. (Most) Anytime is the right time for "I love you's".photo credit: Rene Syler
  • Well…. ? 5 of 13
    Well.... ?
    I sent my son a message the next day to find out the final outcome of the game. Seriously, I didn't know.. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • How do I make a heart? 6 of 13
    How do I make a heart?
    Sometimes I have to ask the most basic things. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • Refereeing from the road 7 of 13
    Refereeing from the road
    My husband, Buff works from home so when I travel, he keeps it all together. That doesn't keep the kids from trying to draw me in with the occasional argument on the home front. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • Texting encouragement 8 of 13
    Texting encouragement
    Casey was struggling with math and, even after much preparation, she still had some trouble with the test. From 1500 miles away, I promised her I'd reach out to the tutor and that we were in this together. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • If by Turs….. 9 of 13
    If by Turs.....
    Daughter points out how hard it is to read my texts, due to fat thumbs and credit: Rene Syler
  • Pet Peeve 10 of 13
    Pet Peeve
    I cannot stand when my kids address me as they do their peers, something we have talked about in real credit: Rene Syler
  • Breaking up another argument 11 of 13
    Breaking up another argument
    One day, my son texted me, furious that his father would not let him eat a waffle like a sandwich. I was trying to teach him the finer points of making a rational argument. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • When are you coming home? 12 of 13
    When are you coming home?
    He wouldn't admit it, but I think Cole missed me. photo credit: Rene Syler
  • Answer Meh! 13 of 13
    Answer Meh!
    My son uses "selective perception"; he hears what he wants and responds accordingly. Of course, that's a one-way street; he expects everyone to get back to him ASAP. photo credit: Rene Syler


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