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When we moved into our house last year, my husband Mike and I were very excited to finally have a room we could dedicate to office space. We both work from home, so having a place that’s just for work is definitely a must. We bought two big desks so we’d each have our own work station, along with two bookcases for our things.



But a year later, I’ve realized two crucial things we did wrong. First, it was too hard for us to share the large computer. I need a big screen for my photography classes, and he needs the big screen for his writing. Luckily, we were able to get a large monitor that we can plug into a laptop. Problem solved!

Second, our desks? HAVE NO DRAWERS. That leads to a situation like this:


Paper and bills EVERYWHERE! It was awful, especially because we each added to the piles, and we were messing up each other’s systems (what, you don’t have a system to your piles of papers?). But we only had to buy one extra piece of furniture to organize everything.


See it there, under the two desks? It’s a two-drawer cabinet. Our paperwork fit inside neatly. And because we’ve done everything evenly, I have a drawer and Mike has a drawer. It’s perfect for us! Now we just have to stay out of each other’s systems and we’ll be all set.

How do you share office space?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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