Oh, Savannah!











What do you do if you are traveling to a gorgeous city with a large family and actually want to see everything? You take a trolley tour.

Just imagine trying to see and take pictures of a whole city with five sons in tow… it’s enough to make the most relaxed people feel nauseous.












If you take a trolley tour, just hope you have a tour guide as fantastic as Denise. We learned the history of Savannah in such a fun way.

She even would park and let me take pictures.















MY favorite shot was of the John Wesley Statue. I’m a gal who loves a great sun flare.

The weather was perfect and I took about eleventy billion shots.

I wished I could have had hours to saunter around and capture more.

I hope to get back to Savannah and do just that…in the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots.

(May I be a proud Mom for just a second? My 13yo took and edited the beautiful picture of the church with the sun flare on my iPhone. He’s a chip off the ol’ block!)

Hope you enjoy!

Photos shot with my trusty iPhone & my Canon 5D with a Canon EF 16-35mm lens.

  • Savannah knows how to do front stoops. 1 of 16
    Savannah knows how to do front stoops.
  • Gorgeous flare on the Church 2 of 16
    Gorgeous flare on the Church
    May I have a proud Mom moment? My 13yo took this shot. :)
  • A great walking city. 3 of 16
    A great walking city.
    There we are. Walking! And, yes, people do stare. "Whew, Ma'am! All those boys belong to you?" :)
  • This fountain could warrant an entire day of photography… 4 of 16
    This fountain could warrant an entire day of photography... and of itself.
  • Merman. 5 of 16
    Savannah embraces equal opportunity sea-humanoid sculptures. :)
  • Everywhere you look. 6 of 16
    Everywhere you look.
    There is a photo.
  • JUST LOOK. 7 of 16
    Couldn't you sit on those gorgeous steps for ages?
  • So inviting… 8 of 16
    So inviting...
    ...if this were in a movie, I'd say it was TOO PERFECT.
  • Savannah is chock full o’ history. 9 of 16
    Savannah is chock full o' history.
    You can't turn a corner without tripping over it.
  • SEE? 10 of 16
    More history. Great place for kids to learn about our country's past.
  • Even more history up in there… 11 of 16
    Even more history up in there...
    ...visible through the trees.
  • If this doesn’t scream the South. 12 of 16
    If this doesn't scream the South.
    Nothing does.
  • Washington’s Southern Tour. 13 of 16
    Washington's Southern Tour.
    So much history to absorb here.
  • Oh, the stories… 14 of 16
    Oh, the stories...
    ...this most secret spot could probably tell. If you listen hard, you'll probably hear some.
  • That must be an amazing balcony. 15 of 16
    That must be an amazing balcony.
    The three is clearly a fan.
  • Twinkly palms. 16 of 16
    Twinkly palms.
    What else is there to be said? Twinkly palms and cabanas by the pool at the Westin.


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