Oh Spud, I’m a chain!

You would think I would be used this by now, this whole “starting a new blog-thing”…uh, thing. I have now started…let’s see…at least a dozen different blogs and blogging-type endeavors over the years, with varying success, OBVIOUSLY, as I’m eventually abandoned well over half of them.

But still, onward! Westward! Here I am again, staring at the vast whiteness of an empty text box, grateful and humbled by the idea that someone thinks I have something more to say, something someone out there might want to read. Dear Amy, Take this WordPress login and have fun. Just don’t plagiarize or pee on the carpet, I guess. Love, Babble.

The most dangerous (and thrilling) part of this here blog at Babble is that I was only required to come up with a blog name. Not a concept or topic or anything other than the promise to show up and write stuff.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am pretty jazzed about the blog name, even though it requires an overly long, run-on sentence to explain: Hey! Remember that part in Steel Magnolias after Shelby dies and everybody is moving on with their lives and Dolly Parton’s husband drives her to a strip mall to surprise her with a second location for her hair salon called “Truvy’s West? ” Yeah! It’s like that. Only a blog. But we’re going to be having all these conversational “salons” with the other bloggers here so geddit? DO YOU GEDDIT NOW?

So welcome to Amalah’s West. Where I promise not to let my complete lack of editorial focus prevent me from doing good blog. Have a slice of bleeding armadillo groom’s cake and try not to get that gray icing on the furniture.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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