OMG These Greatest Hits Albums are All Just $5, People

Amazon: Sometimes you’re too much. Yes, sometimes you can be a scary giant corporate behemoth dismantling the publishing world and being all evil with talk of drone deliveries and all that stuff. At which point I’m like, “Never buying Amazon again.” And then you offer the No Doubt Singles Collection for $5, and we’re best friends.

Seriously, people, a whole slew of “Best of”-type albums are only five dollars right now at Amazon. Most of them have at least a dozen songs you’d have to pay $1.29 for each as individual downloads. Prices last through the end of this week…I think.


1. No Doubt: The Singles Collection

2. Frank Sinatra: Nothing But the Best 

3. Kenny Rogers: Number Ones

4. Luther Vandross: The Ultimate Luther Vandross

5. Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

6. Johnny Cash, the Greatest: The Number Ones

7. Bon Jovi: Greatest Hits

8. Lynryrd Skynyrd: Best Of

9. Green Day: International Superhits!

10. The Best of Joy Division

And those are just the ones that caught my attention. There’s a bunch more. If you haven’t completed your MP3 libraries yet with your favorite bands of yesteryear—yes, I am experiencing physical pain right now having described Green Day as a band of “yesteryear”—then jump, people. Jump.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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