On Which I Prepare for a Two-Week Stint in India

Water for People - India

This year I will visit India for a total of three weeks. I am immensely excited about it.

In May I am taking Nicole Melancon, a member of the Global Team of 200 to India with me and in the fall I will travel to India for two weeks with Water for People. As it turns out, in February I won Water for People’s Blogger Out to Change the World contest. It was one of those incidences where I figured if I won it would be great, and if I lost, it would be great as well. Whomever historically said you’ll never win if you don’t try is right. So, that’s what I did…went after it and tried. That said, you will have no idea how happy I was to receive a call from Water for People that I had won and will be traveling throughout India with Water for People’s CEO, Ned Breslin, this fall. The amount of insight and knowledge I will learn about water and sanitation in that short amount of time is immeasurable. Ever since I visited Kibera with ONE, one of Kenya’s largest slums, a few years ago I have been endlessly and mercilessly fascinated about access to clean water and sanitation. As a Westerner I will never get used to the reality of flying toilets, or doing your business on a busy road or out in a field. I just won’t.  I would simply rather something be done about the sanitation problem (that’s probably rather Western and idealistic of me), but I know it can be done and proper sanitation  saves lives! That’s the most important thing!

I cannot wait to visit India with Water for People, see the country and its culture, discover things I’ve never thought about, learn about water and sanitation challenges, and report back! I have been given carte blanche in reporting. In fact, one of the reasons I applied is because Ned Breslin made it clear that whomever was chosen could “write about and/or film anything you want. The good, the bad, the ugly. Whatever—all with no Water For People pre-approval, editing etc.  It’s yours to say and reflect on how you feel about it, how you see it.

What I see is what I will report.

The good news is I already know that Water for People is doing fantastic work in India. I cannot wait to see for myself.

Last week I received a ton of information from Water for People to read about India and their program in the country. It’s a lot to digest, but that’s what I do best.

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