One-Der Woman: Moms, Are You Peeing Enough?

One-Der Woman Wee TipSometimes, we get so caught up and often we become so overwhelmed by making the big, sweeping plans to take better care of ourselves and get our lives together, that we skip right over the the most basic steps. In outlining a new family budget, applying to scads of level-up jobs, breathing through shyness to say hello to another mom or fill out a dating site profile, help our kids organize college applications, making it to the gym more days than not — in all of this big stuff we are so busy doing every single day, we can easily set aside the fundamentals.

But here’s the thing — the basics are big. The small stuff is important. And in my case, it’s the wee things that say the most about how important my well-being is to me.

Here’s the wee change I had to make — and quick — so that I could really get on the road to bigger and better well-being.

Watch and tell me what little-huge things you are ready to do for you.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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