One Mom For Gay Rights

By now you have likely heard about One Million Moms, the group that called on JCPenney to rescind its endorsement deal with Ellen DeGeneres for no other reason than the fact that she is gay. Ellen is a clean comedian, a kind and generous person, and a champion of many different charities, but this group reduced her to just one thing – a homosexual.

I, like many people, was very upset this, not only because it shows how deep bigotry toward homosexuals runs in this country, but because I care very much about another person who is kind, generous, and an all around great person who deserves better than to be persecuted for his sexuality – my twin brother.

Growing up my brother was important to me – a playmate, best friend, and support, but people like those in One Million Moms would see none of that, only that he is gay.

after school

Now he is important to my daughters, too. Kyle adored and doted on Madeline, while Annabel thinks he hung the moon, but people like those in OMM would see none of that, only that he is gay.

annie and kyle

Maddie & Uncle Kyle

JC Penney chose to keep their endorsement deal with Ellen, and there was a suggestion for people to show their solidarity with this decision by going to a JCPenney store last weekend and buying something. Liking this idea, I headed down to our local JCPenny with my husband, cousin, daughter, and brother.

shopping with Uncle Kyle

shopping at JC Penney

Spending money at JCPenny this weekend may not seem huge in the scheme of things, but as far as gestures go it matters. As a parent, I want to teach Annabel that it is important to stand up for what is right, and that no action is too small. She’s only two years old, so she can’t join me in most of the other things I do for gay rights, so taking her shopping at JCPenney wasn’t an opportunity I was going to pass up.

I want my children to be able to look back in twenty years, when things have changed for better, and see that we did everything we could to gain equal rights for all.

I also want Kyle to know that I see him as a friend, brother, uncle, expert Scrabble player, possessor of a wry sense of humor, and a billion other things. He loves passionately and with all his heart. One Million Moms would see none of that, and that is their true misfortune.

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