Operation Organization: Part 2 of 4

So far, my shopping experience at Home Depot turned out pretty great. Since the closest one is almost 30 miles away, I decided to call first to make sure they had what I was going to buy. Even though I could have gone to their website and placed an order, I didn’t. I do a lot of shopping online because I’m a super busy person just like everyone, right? This time, since I had the time during my summer vacation from school, I took a drive with my oldest son Mason and asked his opinion about how we should start this project of getting organized in our family room. The manager who took my call was wonderfully helpful and I didn’t even have to open with something bizarre like, “So, I have this voucher to buy something from Home Depot because I’m a blogger…” and I usually hate trying to go through my blogging routine. There’s all these questions and quizzical looks that come with it even though the conversations that come out of it end up being really positive.

Let’s get back to the things that need to be organized that are lying around my house with no home.

Everything ends up on the kitchen table and that sort of drives me crazy because we eat at it every night so it requires someone (read: me, the mom) to clean it off. Unfortunately, I am inconsistent with where I put things and then it’s an endless cycle of my children asking me where stuff is. CDs and DVDs never seem to make it back in their cases once they’ve been used, remote controls can be one of three different places, and there’s never a coaster around me when I need one. Actually, we have too many coasters and having them out makes it look messy to me.

Even though I’ve spent time buying things that I want in my house, I don’t always buy them smartly. For instance, I may see a flower vase or candle holder that I like but I don’t necessarily have a place for it when I bring it home. So it ends up in some stupid place until I can figure it out. This is what I decided to fix with Home Depot’s help. When I searched online there were three things that stood out to me as something that would work.

First, there was this 5-shelf bookcase which you can find at this link to Home Depot. We have chairs in our kitchen eating area that are very similar and match well. Getting organized with this will be a bit of a challenge as I’ll have to still manage to find a spot for things. This also matches the wood color in our living room for our coffee table, side table, and armoire (where all the kitchen gadgetry is).

For this choice, there may be the option of having to get some storage boxes that are decorative in nature. It’s not as industrial looking as some of the things I thought I would be seeing for choices. Martha Stewart (who would, in all honesty, hate my lack of organization) makes fabric drawers like this one in barn red. Even though it has a tag on it that reads “towels” I would simply remove it and probably leave it blank. The nature of using containers like this is that everything is hidden and that part scares me just a little bit.


Second, there was the option of getting this small Brexley desk (that actually matches the bookshelf) to put in the living room area that could serve the purpose of putting those envelopes and pieces of mail that end up getting moved and shifted around before I pay them. The only issue I may have with this desk is when it comes to spacing once again. Some of my furniture will have to be shifted around with this even though there is a 4-5 foot space along a wall that remains empty. Keeping the room large enough for our large family and the company we have over to our house is an important factor for me.

Finally, there is a stackable cabinet option where I could use some fabric drawers to hide all the stuff we accumulate. Again, this makes me a little nervous because of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind factor. Sure, everything will be put away, but will I be able to find it when I need it? Since my goal is to be organized and tidy in my living room, this may work better in another room of my house.

The best part of this is that when I have my summer break from work I usually just think about getting organized but this time I have no choice. Given the opportunity and having the time is really all that ever holds me back. Now all I have to do is make a decision and get to work.

Stick around to see how this all plays out. If you’re not busy, you can totally come over and help, okay?

A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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