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Before we had kids Mike and I never saw ourselves as “organic food people.” We assumed organic food was only for the rich and health fanatics, and didn’t think it could be important for regular folks like us. Our assumptions began to change though after we had kids and found that a lot of parents we trusted bought organic food for their families. Since we too wanted what was best for our kids, we decided to look into organic food a bit more to see if it could be right for us too.

One preconceived notion we had about organic food was that it wasn’t significantly healthier than regular food. However, after doing some research we learned that the majority of studies found organic food to be substantially healthier than regular food. This is not only because organic food is more nutritious, but also because it hasn’t been treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizer, potentially harmful substances that children are especially susceptible to.

Another assumption that kept us away was that organic food was too expensive. This is true to a degree. Organic food is often more expensive, but if you are a smart shopper you can buy organic food at surprisingly low prices. Taking advantage of organic produce deals, shopping in season, and frequenting health food markets (which are more likely to sell affordable brand organic food) will keep you from spending an arm and a leg. Another point to be made is that organic food has gotten a lot more affordable in the last couple years as it moves into the mainstream and large companies offer more organic products. Still, the best argument for buying organic even if it costs a bit more came from a friend who said “I’m willing to spend a little more on organic today if it helps me spend less on health bills later!”

The biggest reason we didn’t buy organic before? We didn’t know that much about it! Sure, we knew it might be a little healthier, but there are many other appealing reasons to buy organic as well. A big one, for example, is that organic food is harvested in environmentally responsible ways that reduce pollution and other dangers.

Mike and I don’t always buy organic food, but now that we are more educated about its benefits we always consider it. We price compare organic to non organic food before making a purchase, and we greatly appreciate brands that make an effort to incorporate organic elements into their product. We may not exactly be what we used to call  “organic food people,” but we’re a whole heck of a lot closer than we were!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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