Oscar, The Horror Movie

One of my favorite times of the year has always been the Oscars. For years I held an annual Oscar party and only stopped when I was forced to. We were living in New York and my daughter was one. My guests stayed until 1am and she wasn’t even sleeping through the night dependably. I decided then that I would resume the parties when my kids are old enough to watch with me. So last night I put the kids to sleep and excitedly crawled into bed with my husband to watch my favorite awards show of the year. I found myself taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion. It went like this:

Roller coaster and palm trees

1. Confusion

Seth MacWHO? Quickly googled to play catch up and then withheld judgment.

2. Horror

Seth MacFarlane launches into a musical number naming actresses who disrobed in films. “We Saw Your Boobs” includes Jodie Foster in a rape scene in The Accused. Is this really happening?

3. More Horror

Seth MacFarlane makes a domestic violence joke. “‘Django’ is a movie where a woman is subjected to violence, or as we call it, a Chris Brown and Rihanna date movie.” Is this really happening? 

4. Optimism

Brave wins for best animated film and Brenda Chapman gives her acceptance speech, “I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful, strong, beautiful daughter, Emma, who inspired Brave into being.” I was amped. I decided I would write about all of the strong girl/woman moments. As it turns out, this was the first and last one.

5. More Horror

Seth MacFarlane makes jokes about actresses feigning illness to be thin, “And those of you who gave yourselves the flu two weeks ago to ‘get there’? It paid off.” Eating disorders funny stuff. A king of comedy like Billy Crystal would never have done it.

6. Sadness

Even children aren’t spared Seth MacFarlane’s desperate humor. He cracks a joke about the 9 year old nominee, Quvenzhane Wallisdating dating George Clooney. This can’t be happening.

7. Desperation

Adele is on stage again. Only this time she isn’t singing, she is accepting an award. She appears to be anything but the confident woman of our visions. She is a bundle of insecurity. Doesn’t she know that she unwittingly represents all of the women since there are none? I desperately want to infuse her with confidence.

8. Reality

This year there were 140 men nominated for awards and only 35 women. Until we have more female writers, producers, executives, and comediennes, we will continue to be bystanders peering in the window at someone else’s party. Along the way, let’s insist on a non female-hating host or Academy Awards producers who care enough to edit him.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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