Oscars for the Memory-Makers

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We celebrate all the good stuff around here. Big milestones? Sure. But one of my favorite goals as a memory-maker for my kids is the celebration of small events.

Celebrate. Make it a memory.Progress reports gone outstanding, loss of a first tooth, getting your skateboard to finally drop in the way you want after months of frustration but never giving up: All fair game. Because why not?

But it’s not just our personal happenings that get us to break out the streamers. Our family excels at elevating cultural indulgences and making them family traditions. Just for the fun of it.

If one day my kids say, “Didn’t your family throw a premiere party for the new season of Good Luck Charlie?” I will have succeeded. When else can we justify making a Bob-wich? (psst- favorite sandwich of the dad on Good Luck Charlie)

We have turned many of our most prodigal cultural landmarks into family traditions: Wimbledon (we make a weekend out of it), voting results night (for the President, not American Idol), and, of course, the Oscars®.

It probably goes without saying that we are really into going to the movies around here. Movie previews? Let’s just say they effectively hook our emotions. We know when everything is hitting the theaters.

That said, we don’t go all Pinterest on our mini-fêtes. I don’t mold miniature Oscar statuettes out of chocolate or… honestly, I can’t even think of anything.

No, we just get into it. We watch all the previews of any movies we haven’t seen and then gather around with popcorn and fun finger foods and yell out our votes. We talk about why we want something to win or why we really don’t want something else to win.

As a rule, our reasoning is not sound.

This year, we’re using the Oscars app both before the ceremony and during. Flaking on Oscar party treats? They have the buttery suggestions you desire. Want to watch the trailers of the Best Picture nominees? All right there at your fingertips. OscarsApp

And then, in the process of having fun honestly getting into something that might otherwise just be on in the background, we learn about what goes into making movies. For instance, it wasn’t until watching the Oscars one year that I realized that feature animation films require lighting experts. That the music we hear in the background is often recorded live in a studio while the musicians watch the movie. Most of what I know about screenwriting is from watching the Academy Awards.

Watching the Oscars over the years, since childhood, is how I learned that the movies are a business, taking hundreds of people doing thousands of real jobs.

Back to that Oscars app. It is a jackpot of behind-the-scenes awesome. Nominee Stories, Behind the Ballot features, and more, all in the Video tab. And that’s what has me excited.

The Oscars app makes it easy for parents like me that want to throw a little viewing party with their family but don’t want to get all Pinterest up in here. Ahem. Make it easy and fun? Count us in.

Download the Oscars app for iPhone + iPad + iPod Touch, Android, and Kindle Fire and then watch the Oscars live this Sunday night 7e/ 6c on ABC.

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