Our 12 Best Family Pics of 2011

Hard to believe that 2011 is coming to a close. Okay, no it’s not. That’s just something people say. It’s hard to believe that summer’s already here. Or, I can’t believe you’re such a big boy already. Why is it that people have such a hard time believing that time passes us by? It’s so utterly…believable.

Even so, there are times which strike me as more profound than others. And the end of the year is one such time, possibly because it’s such a natural period of reflection. Which is exactly why I decided to make my final post of 2011 a reflective one.

So, as I say goodbye to 2011, it’s only appropriate that I revisit my favorite moments from the past year as captured by the impartial eye of my trusty camera. Here are the 12 moments that stood out most:

  • Starting Off With a Bang 1 of 12
    Starting Off With a Bang
    The year started with snow and the kids wasted no time going for some semi-gnarly air.
  • Safety First 2 of 12
    Safety First
    But by the time spring had sprung, safety was the rule, as evidenced by the tumultuous trio's helmets. Not allowed on their scooters without 'em.
  • Boat Camping With Alli 3 of 12
    Boat Camping With Alli
    As much fun as the triplets are, there's nothing I love more than spending quality time with my oldest. The weekend in the woods with Alli was one of my favorites. This is the shot from the boat as we approached our campsite.
  • Grand Finale 4 of 12
    Grand Finale
    My beautiful wife and I welcomed Luke Fiser Osborne with open arms on July 21, the very best day of our year.
  • Sammy Meets His Little Brother 5 of 12
    Sammy Meets His Little Brother
    And if there's a cuter picture, I'm unaware of it.
  • Kirby Holds Luke 6 of 12
    Kirby Holds Luke
    Check that. This one might be cuter. Tough call.
  • Five is Enough 7 of 12
    Five is Enough
    When I took this picture, I remember thinking: DAMN, that's a lotta kids on my bed...
  • Our Three Turn Four 8 of 12
    Our Three Turn Four
    And on their birthday, they reminded us to always lick the candles. Because life is so sweet.
  • Garden Variety Santa Meltdowns 9 of 12
    Garden Variety Santa Meltdowns
    And like that, it was December. Which led us to Santa. Pretty good picture, except Kirby's kinda losing it. (And I thought her new Uggs might get her though...) But who can blame her? At the end of the day, she's sitting on the lap of an old man she's never met. Who carries with him the faint smell of cheap booze.
  • Luke’s First Christmas 10 of 12
    Luke's First Christmas
    And I gotta say, it was an incredibly sweet one.
  • Fairy Tales 11 of 12
    Fairy Tales
    In fact, it was so sweet, that it seemed like a fairy tale. One look at Kirby on Christmas and you'd think just that, no?
  • It’s a Wonderful Life 12 of 12
    It's a Wonderful Life
    But it's not a fairy tale. It's just our life. And it's a wonderful one. Not always easy, mind you. Nor does it feel wonderful 24/7. But it's wonderful, nonetheless thanks largely to our five beautiful kiddos. All parents have such rich blessings in their children. And my New Year's Resolution is to try to always remember that. And sharing my favorite 12 pictures from 2011 seemed like a good way to start. Happy New Year, y'all.

Image: woodleywonderworks

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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