Our Favorite Movie Homes

I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel, DIY style. If you ever feel the need to test the limits of your marriage and bank account, try remodeling your kitchen.

Nothing says, let’s stay together forever like arguing over caulk in the middle of Home Depot. Also, when you shout “suck my caulk” and then walk out leaving him standing there wondering wtf just happened, it does look at awesome as it does in your head. I hope.

But, as we sit here in a state of purgatory, living off takeout and dining on the floor of our living room, I’ve started looking for moments of inspiration and hope. Namely, eating my feelings and ogling all the houses I wished I lived in, preferably with someone who doesn’t call your choice of wall color “adolescent.”

Check out our favorite movie homes, now!

  • Our Favorite Movie Homes 1 of 7
  • Practical Magic 2 of 7
    From the garden to the conservatory to the kitchen, we magically covet this house!
  • Something’s Gotta Give 3 of 7
    We've spent more than a few nights...and bottles of wine...craving this Hampton's beach house.
  • Good Luck Charlie 4 of 7
    I mean, if our kids make me watch this show 800 times a day, we might as well have some eye candy by way of this totally rad family home.
  • It’s Complicated 5 of 7
    Confession: Our girl crush on Steve Martin is ALMOST as big as our girl crush on this ranch.
  • The Proposal 6 of 7
    Waterfront estate in Alaska? We do.
  • Father of the Bride 7 of 7
    We don't know a single person who didn't watch this movie and picture playing basketball out back with their daughters.... ahem.. is it dusty in here all of a sudden or what?

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