Our Wedding Day: Sharing My Very Favorite Photos

UPDATE: I have about 50 more photos I plan to add to this wedding anniversary slideshow over the next 24 hours as I have time, but for the moment tonight, I am exhausted and need to hit the sack for the evening. But please do check back tomorrow for a much-expanded wedding anniversary slideshow – one that I hope you will enjoy!



This month marks seven years (!!) since the amazing day when I was lucky enough to become my husband’s wife. Our big day – really the whole special weekend – was everything I had ever dreamed of for my wedding, and then some. Any time I take a few moments to think back on on that sunny, breezy few days of celebration with the people closest to us immediately brings a smile to my face.

I’m not sure how many people can say this about their own weddings, but both Jon and I would tell you that if we had to plan it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.

In celebration of the seven incredibly wonderful, unbelievably challenging, and family-making years we’ve shared together so far, I thought I’d share some (okay, quite a few!) of my very favorite photos from our wedding weekend.  I really loved taking the time to look through all of them to choose the ones to share with y’all. One thing to note is that we didn’t have a “real” wedding photographer; instead we simply asked friends and fam to take as many shots as they felt like shooting during the festivities, and then to share them with us afterward. As a result, we have a terrific assortment of all kinds of pictures from all kinds of people,but very few are even remotely “official wedding photo” looking.

Happy 7th anniversary to my beloved, who has walked beside me through the greatest pain and joys of my life thus far, and who has been more of a partner to me in every way than I ever dared to dream was even possible. I love you, Jon Hickman. And here are just a few (ahem!) of my favorite shots from that magical wedding weekend.

  • My Engagement Ring 1 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    What can I say? The guy has awesome taste. He managed to totally surprise me not only with the proposal, but with this ring, which I can't even describe how much I love.

  • Our Wedding Invitation 2 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    I don't know how well the colors translate in this photo, but the invites were a darker sort of robin's egg blue, with chocolate brown trim and lettering. Quite a few people told me later that they appreciated us making it clear that dress for our big event was supposed to be comfortable for everyone who came.

  • We Got Married at Home 3 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    We had our wedding rehearsal and also our actual wedding in the backyard here at my parents' house, with my little brother Robert officiating. 

  • New Item 4 4 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My little brother Robert practicing his recital of the inimitably gorgeous (to me, anyway) vows from the 1928 Book of Common PrayerWe did make a few minor tweaks. With us at rehearsal that morning you see shirtless, 8 year ole Elliot, plus various other little cousins.

  • Rehearsing with SPAM 5 of 42
    granju Hickman Wedding

    Robert prepares for the rehearsal wearing his good luck SPAM shirt.

  • Jon and Me at Rehearsal 6 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Happy Jon and Kate, rehearsing our vows that morning with Mr. Spam

  • Mel – a happy wedding guest 7 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Mel (originally named for Miss Melanie from GWTW) was my little sister's BFF for all her single years after grad school, and then remained her faithful pal well into her own years as a newlywed and young mom. We all loved her, and I was so glad that even at her advanced age, she was able to be with the whole family for our festivities.

  • New Item 8 8 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Elliot, Mel and the cousins sprawled out in the grass watching that morning's rehearsal.

  • Almost go time! 9 of 42
    Granju Hickman wedding

    Henry was 14 when we married, so he chose to let his little brother and much cousins handle the actual "processional" at the beginning of the wedding. He was more into the just hanging out and celebrating element of the whole day.

    Here is Uncle Ray getting the little boys ready to do their thing as the wedding was about to begin,

  • Here They Go! 10 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Another shot of Uncle Ray prepping the little boys to start their walk ahead of Jon and me.

  • Jon, me and E – ready to do this thing. 11 of 42
    Granju Wedding

    I absolutely love this shot of Jon and me walking down the "aisle" in our backyard toward the gazebo where we were to be married.

  • Thomas in the Tree 12 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My awesomely fascinating and talented baby first cousin, Thomas, found an ideal spot to watch th festivities unfold.

  • Congratulations Time! 13 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My litttle brother Robert congratulates us with a big ol' grin immediately following, "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

  • One Great Married Couple 14 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Our awesome friends Harvey and Kristen at our reception immediately folllowing the ceremony. This is a married couple who have the kind of relationship to which I aspire.

    Can't you tell just by looking at them together?

  • Happy Newlyweds 15 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    This one was taken very shortly after we became "official" on our big day.

  • At the altar with our little ringbearer 16 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Just a happy moment all around.

  • New Item 17 17 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My beautiful boy, age 14, at the reception right after the wedding. He snagged the awesome headwear from Uncle Robert, who wore it while he was performing the ceremony.

  • New Item 18 18 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    A gaggle of adorable bridesmaids gathered immediately before the service. Like the little boys, they all mostly chose to go barefoot.

  • New Item 19 19 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Another favorite shot of mine of most of our little bridesmaids gathered just before "showtime."

  • Ann Gets Her Shot 20 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My awesome and talented friend Ann shoots at the reception.

  • Sheer Joy 21 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    I think that I look about as happy as I've ever looked in this particular shot.

  • My baby boy and I sharing a special look at the altar as he produces the rings 22 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Our ringbearer and his mama sharing a special moment at the altar.

  • Even the rehearsal was fun 23 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    When even the rehearsal is a good time, and when all the little cousins and friends find it just as fun, you know you're getting the day right.

  • Reception Chez Abernathy 24 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    After the gorgeous, perfect ceremony in the backyard of my parents' house, we all trouped directly across the street to my "other home" - Chez Abernathy - for the most amazing, perfect reception ever. As evening fell, the strings of lights in Kimi's garden were made even brighter by the beautiful moon that night, We had barbecue catered from the Bell Buckle Cafe, and fun was had by all guests of all ages.

  • New Item 25 25 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Here I am holding my newborn nephew Nicholas at the reception. I look like I'd never held ANY baby before in this photo, don't I? But truly, I had! And 10 months later,  baby Charlotte would become the newest addition to our clan.

  • Jane & Elliot chatting it up at the reception. 26 of 42
    Granju and Hickman Wedding

    Best friends on such a happy, relaxed day for everyone. This is one of my very favorite photos of the two of them, period.

  • Kimi’s Gorgeous Garden 27 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Kimi's amazing garden was at the height of its splendor in early September when we held our reception in her backyard.

  • Jane and her BFF Sydney 28 of 42
    Granju Wedding

    Love this shot of both of these two in their bridesmaids' dresses.

  • Our Tiniest Bridesmaid 29 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Our onw year old niece Afton looking about as cute as a small person can look at a wedding.

  • Long Shot From Behind of the Whole Reception 30 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Someone took this awesome photo from way back at the back of theAbernathys' property, giving the long view of the whole reception.

  • Betsy and Our Great Aunt Polly 31 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My little sister Betsy with our great aunt Polly Orr Terry, our maternal grandmother's younger sister.

  • Frisbee Football at the Reception 32 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Cousins and friends playing fisbee and football at the reception

  • A Tower of Wedding Cupcakes 33 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    instead of a wedding cake, we served two yummy towers of carrot cake cupcakes from the inimitable Magpies Bakery in Knoxville.

  • New Item 34 34 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    Another supercute one of Jane and Sydney. Can you believe they were this small only 7 years ago?

  • Super Mac!!! 35 of 42
    Granju Hickman Wedding

    My super adorable little (and now not so little!) nephew McLean. He was soooo excited about the wedding.

  • Downtown Bell Buckle 36 of 42

    My hometown on the beautiful day of our wedding.

  • Oh Happy Day! 37 of 42
    best kissing

    This is what happy looks like.

  • Exhausted Little Mac 38 of 42
    exhausted mac

    This is what an extremely exhausted 5 year old nephew looks like at th end of a {"post_id":0,"image_id":4219388,"image_src":"","image_html":"{"post_id":0,"image_id":4219388,"image_src":"http:\/\/\/?attachment_id=4219388","image_html":"\"\"<\/a>","special_type":"collection","cid":"1447695058901012"}","special_type":"collection","cid":"1447695058901012"} long but fun day.

  • Nancy McLean Orr Anderson and me 39 of 42
    me with grandma

    Me with my adored grandmother, Nancy McLean Orr AndersonThis was one of the last times she was up and dressed and about for a big event before she went into a particularly cruel decline, finally dying in 2010. I was closer to my grandmother than probably anyone else, and I am more like her than anyone else in the world (it's a little weird sometimes how much I am like her; my nickname has always been "Little Nancy." She had seen me through SO many years of pain in my first, very young marriage, which lasted 14 years, and which left me utterly broken hearted when it ended. So it gave her tremendous joy to see me and my three children so very happy and joyful on my wedding day to Jon. 

    I so treasure this photo of the two of us at my wedding.

  • Jon’s big brother Joe 40 of 42
    joe and wendy

    Jon's big brother Joe and my sister in law Wendy at the wedding. I love these two like crazy and feel so lucky to have gained them as family members that day.

  • Sleepy Little Elliot at the end of the night 41 of 42
    katie carries e black and white

    Me carrying a happily exhausted little Elliot at the end of a super fun day and night of festivities.

  • New Item 42 42 of 42


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