Packing for Kids: 15 Toys You Should Never Travel Without

travel-toys-for-kidsTis the season to rack up those frequent flier miles, and if you’re anything like me, you are absolutely dreading the trek. Between scheduling snafus and last-minute shopping, who has time to pack an impeccable travel kit for your kids? You do. Gather a few of these handy toys in your carry-on and prepare to be amazed at how well-behaved Tommy and Sally are during the flights, layovers and endless car trips. (Until you arrive and they’re forced to stomach your great aunt’s yams, of course.)

Happy traveling!:

  • Magnetic blocks 1 of 15
    Magnetic blocks
    Secret hidden magnets keep these building blocks from tumbling down the galley into first class. Genius! Available for $30 at Tegu.
  • Activity book 2 of 15
    Activity book
    The most interactive coloring book on the market, your kids will squeal with delight (quietly, of course!) at the humor and wit that lies beyond each page. Available for $12.89 at Amazon.
  • Etch-a-Sketch 3 of 15
    An oldie but a goodie, the Etch-a-Sketch will provide endless hours of Hangman, Pictionary and secret message fun. Available for $12.99 at ToysRUs.
  • Colorforms 4 of 15
    A super imaginative kid will get loads of mileage out of Colorforms, a set of 350 geometric vinyl pieces to peel, stick and re-stick on a double-sided design board. Let the creations begin! Available for $35.95 at Amazon.
  • Find It games 5 of 15
    Find It games
    Perfectly suited for road trips, Find It games keep your kids occupied while they search for items along the highway (and you search for the nearest Starbucks). Available for $18.99 at Amazon.
  • Family flashcards 6 of 15
    Family flashcards
    These customizable flash cards perform double duty: occupying little Charlie while on the plane, but also teaching him to remember Aunt Hannah's name. Available for $24.99 at Pinhole Press.
  • Coloring book 7 of 15
    Coloring book
    Modern art-loving mamas and papas will love this design-driven activity book almost as much as the little ones do. Available for $12.40 at Amazon.
  • Animal crayons 8 of 15
    Animal crayons
    When coloring can no longer hold their attention, your kids can act out scenes with their favorite animals. Available for $7.50 at Spoon Sisters.
  • Brainteasers 9 of 15
    A brain-teaser for older kids is a perfect way to pass the time. This one's particularly tough, so you're guaranteed at least an hour without an "Are we there yet?" from the back. Available for $20 at Uncommon Goods.
  • Tube toys 10 of 15
    Tube toys
    Kids can build and decorate their own vehicles, then store the spare parts tidily back into the tube when finished. Genius! Available for $15 at Uncommon Goods.
  • Foldable finger puppets 11 of 15
    Foldable finger puppets
    Keep these foldable finger puppets in your back pocket for a surprise game that's sure to combat traveling toddler crankiness. Available for $5.99 at Perpetual Kid.
  • Washi tape (really!) 12 of 15
    Washi tape (really!)
    Washi tape is surprisingly versatile for sticking, decorating and marking nearly everything in sight. Let their imaginations run wild - after all, it's perfectly removable when play time is over! Available for 4.73 at Amazon.
  • Origami book 13 of 15
    Origami book
    Let your kids use travel time as an opportunity to learn a new skill with a crafty origami tutorial book - just add paper! Available for $12 at Uncommon Goods.
  • 3D puzzle 14 of 15
    3D puzzle
    Made from cardboard, this buildable horse is a puzzle and play toy in one. Plus, it folds back into its flat, compact state for fuss-free travel. Available for $24.44 at Amazon.
  • Eco-dough 15 of 15
    All-natural and easy to tote, Eco-Dough will keep their hands and minds busy (and quiet!). Available for $24 at Uncommon Goods.

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