It's great, because it fits right in the overhead compartment.

I’m going somewhere. See if you can guess where? (Hint:  if you can’t tell by the books, all is revealed on my other blog.) I’m massively excited. Long ago, when I was a fresh-faced college student, I spent a semester in this particular city, and I haven’t been back since.

My kids, as I said, are far far away with their father and his family.  This is great–they’re having a wonderful time, and I even talked to my mother-out-law for nearly half an hour yesterday. She was charming and complimented the children and exclaimed over how well behaved they were and how happy they seemed, and how handsome, and how clever, and how smart, and I hung up positively glowing.  (She herself has been married and divorced and remarried and re-divorced, and knows that life is not simple, but still.  I done her boy wrong, a few years ago, and it is awfully kind of her to forgive me for that, and even kinder to let me know that she, at least, does not think that the kids’ lives were ruined by the divorce.)

So I hung up and began to pack.

Off to a good start.

I have a little problem with packing.  I don’t tend to overpack clothes, because (especially when traveling) I see no problem with wearing basically the same thing every day.  However, since I am not as chic as I wish I were, I borrowed some lovely items from my extremely fashionable professor friend (she who took me to hear Robert Fagles the night he signed my book). What you see in the bag is a beautiful dress that looks simply divine on her.  After putting it into the suitcase, I was possessed by a mad urge to try it on, just for fun; alas, on me, it looks like the Queen Mum.  Or I do, rather.

Well, that’s okay.  More room in the suitcase.

The thing that’s nice about staying in one place (I’ll be in one little cheap hotel in the city the whole time) is that you can, theoretically, splurge and bring a few hardcovers, no?

Let me just get rid of this dress...and add a few things...

A few. Just one or two, maybe.

Especially if they’re small.

And on topic. It’s important to learn about the places you travel.

Oh, I know!  The green skirt!

Maybe I should wear the boots on the plane? They're awfully bulky.

I suppose I will have to wear something on TOP, though.

Because Gibbon wouldn’t like it if I went topless.  For all his erudition, he’s really rather a prude.

Everyone knows you simply MUSN'T check bags these days.

Wearing the boots on the plane will be a hassle at security, though.

Oh dear.

Let the record show that I tried to leave the lexicon.
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