Passion of Epic Proportion and Epic Mickey 2

Inspiration can come from any number of places and quite often it appears when you least expect it. Always keeping a keen look out for the unsuspecting wave of the Universe’s magic wand, I am rarely surprised when a creative “aha moment” comes from seemingly out of the blue. But in the case of a recent press preview event for a new Disney Interactive video game, I really didn’t see it coming!

Although I am a mother to girls, I’m no stranger to gaming. Many years ago, my family and I had the privilege of starting what has become a long-term relationship with Nintendo (remember the original launch of the revolutionary Wii platform?) and have been smitten ever since. The idea of attending the Epic Mickey 2 : The Power of Two event made sense considering my interest in gaming and a love and admiration for Disney, of course, but it was my sister’s encouragement—the chance to spend a sisterly fun-day together—that really got me there.

All of the divine details of the day aside (and there were plenty of them!) what really intrigued and energized me was getting to know the men behind Epic Mickey 2. Hearing the effervescent Warren Spector speak about the ins-and-outs of the game including some of the hows and whys fascinated me.  From his palpable passion alone, I realized this preview was going to be much more than any ordinary game demo. It was clear to me immediately that Epic Mickey 2 was more than a video game; it was a tribute to Walt, an homage to Disney, and in fact, a childhood dream materialized. He said on more than one occasion that working for Disney was a dream come, which although could have sounded trite, was utterly authentic. It was like Christmas morning for these guys! By sharing their game with us, it was as if they were the ones getting the gift, of all ironies. That kind of pure excitement and unbridled joy is contagious and as the day got underway, I felt myself becoming giddy by association.

As we left the “game room” and headed out into the Disneyland park, I felt like a child myself as we discovered all kinds of hidden treasures throughout Disneyland with our small group. With Warren Spector as our unofficial tour guide (we had a lovely official tour guide who was happy to share the job with Disney luminary Spector) it was as if we were given the key to the Magic Kingdom, quite literally as we even got to visit Walt Disney’s Disneyland apartment. I know, I know, it’s crazy, right? And amidst all that that, we were lucky enough to pal around the man next in command Paul Weaver. His endearing and earnest excitement and sincerity only heightened what I was already feeling and enhanced the entire adventure for all of us. These guys were right out of a classic Disney movie, in the best possible way. From start to finish and every moment in between, it was an exceptional and enlightening experience.

I guess after all of that it would go to figure that my biggest take-away wasn’t really about a video game at all; it was about the power of what can happen when you really, truly live your dream and how passion really makes the man, er, the mouse. And it’s that earnest love that can bring us full circle, if we go with it. When we live our dreams and are that passionate about what we’re doing, we awaken our inner-child. Could it be that finding one’s passion is really like finding the fountain of youth? Maybe not in the physical sense, but certainly that of our spirit.

It’s been weeks since that day, but it changed me. It may sound ridiculously dramatic but when something speaks to you like that experience spoke to me, you can’t help but be animated about it. Pun intended. And it’s gotten me to think about my own life. Am I living with that much passion? I am tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of my youth? Am I setting an example for my kids telling them (and showing them) that dreams can come true and that the power of whimsy and wonder for everything in life should never be underestimated? It’s definitely something to work toward. If passion really is the way to live happily ever after then here’s to more of it for all of us!

As a way to celebrate the passion behind the game Disney Interactive has offered up copies of Epic Mickey 2 : The Power of Two and Oswald’s coveted ears for me to giveaway to 5 lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment here. Hooray! And if you want to up your chances to win, visit Disney Sisters and leave a comment there too because in the spirit of the Power of Two (or sometimes three) everything’s better with a friend!

The fine print: For a chance to win this giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment here on this post between now and Saturday 12/8 by midnight EST. You can use Facebook to login but the comment has to be left here at Reframed. Winners will be chosen at random and announced at the bottom of this post on Sunday 12/9. Prizes can only be shipped within the US. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in addition to Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U. Good luck and may the mouse be with you.

Thanks for your comments! The winners of the Epic Mickey 2 and Oswald Ears prize pack are Cameron Cowell, CindyC, Kevin Weidenweber, Keller H, and Erini CS. Congratulations!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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