Pepino Melon

This is the latest installment in our adventures with produce series.  We’ve explored kiwano melon, dragon fruit, Buddha hand, and this past week we came across something called a pepino melon at our grocery store.  Isn’t it cute?  Let me show you how my kids did with it.


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    How can a kid resist a fruit with purple stripes? Quinn and I found this by the mangoes and decided we had to pick one up.
  • Inspection 2 of 6
    Mona stuck around for about as long as it took to take this photo and then she was out of there. She didn't want to risk having to taste it. Which is weird, because she's very good about trying things I cook, but not about new produce. She did agree the tiny melon was cute, though, before she fled.
  • cutting it open 3 of 6
    This is what it looked like inside. We scooped out the teeny tiny seeds.
  • slices 4 of 6
    Apparently you can eat the skin, so unlike a cantaloupe we left the outer part on before serving.
  • tasting 5 of 6
    Aden thought it was just okay. It was more on the sour side than I expected, but overall it was kind of bland. Aden asked what it would taste like with sugar. I said, "Probably like sugar." (Because I'm wise like that.)
  • thumb sideways 6 of 6
    Quinn gave it a solid thumb sideways. An adequate review. He neither liked it nor disliked it, but didn't spit it out. And thus ends our adventure with the pepino melon!

I’m glad (most of) my kids are willing to give these new fruits a try.  Unfortunately we have yet to stumble across one we’d try again, but it could happen!  We’ll let you know.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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