Pet Shaming Volume One


(my 2.5 lb yorkie Diesel)

I recently discovered the new photo trend of dog shaming. I admit I’m not the best “pet parent” when it comes to consistent discipline.  Someone once told me a dog forgets what they did a few seconds after they did it so I always thought: what’s the point. I asked readers to submit their pets behaving badly and here’s the result after just a few hours. (P.S. I don’t discriminate against other pets.) Hehe, I kind of  think they might be shaming us:

  • Bunny-cide 1 of 20
    "This is my naughty kitty, Beaux-Beaux Fete. He likes to eat things he shouldn't. I tried to shame him but it didn't work. Three days later he ate a baby bird."
    Submitted by Lisa Neal.
  • Meet the Crockers 2 of 20
    Meet the Crockers
    It took 6 hours to create this cake.....and it took Kona 6 seconds to destroy it.
    Submitted by Valerie Kite.
  • Sir Lix-a-Lot 3 of 20
    Sir Lix-a-Lot
    Somehow I think "I'm a licker" won't go over as well as "I'm a hugger."
    Submitted by Payton Rainbows (@paytonrainbows on Instagram)
  • Recycled Fashion 4 of 20
    Recycled Fashion
    Roscoe's What I Wore Wednesday: Vintage Toilet Seat Cover.
    Submitted by Amy Vingless.
  • Earth Day 5 of 20
    Earth Day
    Oh Fly Girl.....what have you done? It's composting? Well, ok then, carry on.
    Submitted by Mirja.
  • Dental Abrasion 6 of 20
    Dental Abrasion
    This is not bad behavior. Dental hygiene is important.
    Submitted by Bobbie Byrd (@bjbyrd on Instagram).
  • Gentle Giant 7 of 20
    Gentle Giant
    I think we should give Rocky a break, even though he weighs EIGHTY pounds! Paper can be dangerous (i.e. paper cuts!?!?!).
    Submitted by Megan Daniels.
  • Plausible Deniability 8 of 20
    Plausible Deniability
    Note: Shaming doesn't work if your pet tries to blame it on someone else.
    Submitted by Rachel.
  • My Strange Addiction 9 of 20
    My Strange Addiction
    Toilet paper addiction. It's better than used-toilet-paper-addiction.
    Submitted by Kelly Port.
  • Head Rest 10 of 20
    Head Rest
    This one is hard to call....either he's invading personal space.....or he just can't see the kid.
    Submitted by Fran Dellaporta.
  • Polly Want a Smacker 11 of 20
    Polly Want a Smacker
    I don't know....are we shaming birds or toddlers here? In defense of the bird, that looks like a soft, comfy perch.
    Submitted by Sara Gibson.
  • Whoever Said It Let It 12 of 20
    Whoever Said It Let It
    Don't worry Bo. I am too. Oh wait...nevermind...girls don't fart.
    Submitted by Amy Westmoreland.
  • #craftwars 13 of 20
    Piglet obliterated his owner's backpack.....but he was just trying out for season 2 of Craft Wars! Glitterville!
    Submitted by Natalie Jones.
  • Trugreen 14 of 20
    No idea how this one got in the mix. Solo is just aerating the lawn.
    Submitted by Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic.
  • Taking the Fall 15 of 20
    Taking the Fall
    I'm sorry....Ruby just looks too innocent to me to have committed this atrocity.
    Submitted by Shanna Jestice.
  • TP’ing 16 of 20
    Just playing devil's advocate....haven't you ever tracked toilet paper out the door accidentally?
    Submitted by Christy Coskrey.
  • Caddyshack 17 of 20
    Caddyshack you want rodents tearing up the yard or ME tearing up the yard?
    Submitted by Melissa Brewer.
  • Staycation 18 of 20
    Sophia tried to mail herself to a vacation spot. Being a pampered pet is harder than you think.
    Submitted by Lisa Delloro.
  • Snoopy 19 of 20
    I'd keep an eye on Cooper. "Doggy-cide" is a serious offense.
    Submitted by Jaime Roever.
  • Technicality 20 of 20
    Technically Rudy isn't on the couch....he's on the pillow. You have to be more specific in your rules Anne.
    Submitted by Anne Bengston.


Thank you for all the submissions! They were hilarious! I just wish I could have included every single one…..but there’s always volume 2!

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