Pets and Kids: A Great Combination

My little doggie is getting old … she’s already eight! She has always been kind of grumpy and time is not helping her demeanor. However, there is something that hasn’t changed at all and that is her devotion and love for my kids.

I’m grateful for her loyalty to my children so I’ve committed to giving her the best dog’s life ever. One of the special treats she gets monthly is a fancy haircut and a bubble bath. I usually drop her at the groomers and pick her up before the kids have come back from school, but this last time I did it differently. I told them that Mochy would get a haircut and that we would all drop her off together. Everything went well until it was time to leave her at the groomers.

No matter how many times I explained it to them, they didn’t want to leave without Mochy. My daughter was scared for her and was worried that the lady doing the grooming was actually a doctor who was going to operate! It took me more than 20 minutes to convince them to leave.

As promised, I took them to the park and then to have lunch. I heard the same question over an over again: “Are we going for Mochy?”

Finally, a couple of hours later, we got a call letting us know that Mochy was ready to be picked up. Her hair was so short that they didn’t even recognize her. “Who’s the puppy?” my daughter asked. I told her that she was Mochy. It took her a couple of minutes until she realized it really was her doggie.

Mochy came home as a princess, and everybody was happy to have her back. She got a yummy dinner and the full attention of the kids until it was time to go to sleep.

She climbed on my son’s bed, and they slept together the whole night. As usual, she woke up a couple of times to check around and keep us safe.

Pets and kids are definitely a great combination. Check out our family trip to the groomers below:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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