I had too many pictures from our trip to the cottage to fit nicely into my vacation post, so this is like an addendum to that for those who are interested.  A vacation slide show!  I think it’s the only thing left that I can say I’m slightly too young to remember, that era when people used to present slide shows at home of their trips.  There is something less romantic about gathering around a laptop to look at pictures, but hey, at least anyone in the world can see!  Check out the woods, the water, and Aden’s first fish:

Cottage Photos!

  • Through the cottage doors 1 of 13
    This is the view from the table at the cottage in the morning. My grandpa made the table from four boards and some chimney blocks. It's a nice view to have while eating cereal.
  • The path 2 of 13
    This is the top part of the path leading down to the water. Ian and Quinn are trying to clear it a bit, and Mona and Aden are in the background running ahead.
  • Board games 3 of 13
    Our endless game of rent-controlled Monopoly. At one point Quinn simply took a big stack of $500 bills from the bank just because he liked the look of them I suppose, and nobody cared.
  • Quinn on a horse 4 of 13
    There is also a ranch within a short drive where you can go horseback riding. Quinn was nervous until he saw Mona do it.
  • Bounce-a-thon 5 of 13
    The first real upgrade Ian and I made to the cottage when it was officially ours was we replaced the bed. My grandma's squeaky queen size bed has been there for over 30 years and it was time for it to go. The day the old bed was set to go away I invited all the kids to come in and try to break it.
  • Kids in the car 6 of 13
    You know what? This photo was supposed to be at the end, but I had the digital equivalent of dropping my slides on the floor and putting them back in the carousel in the wrong order. Let's decide it's charming, shall we? Here are my kids on the drive home playing cards. They are so good on long car rides it's almost spooky. When they are not singing I almost forget they are back there.
  • Aden catches a fish! 7 of 13
    One of Aden's first fish! A lot of minnows and tiny fish hang out at the point where the kids all swim. They tried for days to catch fish with their hands and small nets, and finally we dug up a fishing rod in the basement which Aden baited with pepperoni. She would dip her line into the water and pull up a tiny fish in a matter of seconds and she was thrilled.
  • Luckily, curiosity didn’t kill the fish 8 of 13
    All the kids were thrilled with getting to see the elusive fish up close.
  • Temporary pet 9 of 13
    This was the first fish Aden caught. We think it's a bluegill. We took a couple of them up to the cottage to look at for a few hours before returning them to the lake.
  • A luthier’s idea of fun at the beach 10 of 13
    This was my idea of a beach bag. One of the few really portable parts of building a violin is the scroll (the neck and curly part at the top). I brought over a dozen tools with me and actually got a little work done.
  • Scroll Carving 11 of 13
    It was nice! I could carve and still watch the kids build sand castles and collect shells and rocks. I may try to pace my work so I always have a scroll to take with me when we go up to the cottage
  • Spiral Staircase 12 of 13
    This is Quinn on the spiral staircase inside the cottage. My grandfather was a safety fanatic, so I'm still not sure how he ended up approving those stairs, but I've never heard of anyone falling down them, and the kids all find them really fun. (Quinn had me take a picture of him on every step, but I will spare everyone all of that!)
  • Collecting Rocks and Memories 13 of 13
    And finally, one of the ways I decided to add our own touch to the cottage now that it's ours was to make the set of shelves in the front hall into a collection display area for the kids. They all come into the cottage with rocks they've found, and blue jay feathers and acorns, so I told them they can keep whatever they like as long as it fits on their shelf. Quinn's is on the bottom, Mona's is in the middle, and Aden's is on top. It will be interesting to see how those collections change and evolve over the years to come.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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